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Serpa Holsters

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Wrote to Troy at USPSA, waiting on an answer. It's just that these holsters have a good design, just poorly used. People make mistakes and when they do, it hurts them and others. I know the shooting sports can be dangerous, depends on the shooter.  Have seen a lot of scary ones shooting competition over the last 30 years.


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I talked this over with the other instructors. We don't see taking this off as any different than unlocking a locked holster prior to the draw, or cutting the strap off one.




On 3/22/2017 4:47 PM, mike merkler wrote:

Troy, Need an official ruling on SERPA HOLSTERS. If a competitor takes out the retaining tab (you use your trigger finger to release the weapon) If the holster is designed with this safety device on it, can he deactivate it so it doesn't work? I know if a magazine pouch has a strap, it must be used. Of course shooters cut them off so they are not used. Thanks, MIke Merkler TY11297


-- Troy McManus Director, NROI

Just got this from Troy. So there you are and I am ok with the answer. Takes it away from the Range Officer.




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