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Moly Build Up

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I was at a match yesterday when I had a stuck fired case (Tanfo S2).  One swipe of a bore snake and all was well afterwards.  Another shooter mentioned moly build up in his guns (Glocks) and he brushes the bore after every match.  He claims the moly can "bake" in and cause a difficult build up to remove. 


1) I know he was talking about the bore and I'm talking about the chamber, but I was wondering if the moly "creeps"  into the chamber area?  

2) What does moly build up look like in the chamber/bore if any?

3) Solvent and brushing good enough to clean?




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The coatings used on lead bullets vary greatly, nearly all of them require some sort of baking process to cure the coating material. In my experience of shooting coated lead  there is no creeping of coating, but there can be bore fouling from inadequately cured coating.

Once cured in your barrel, they are tighter than the bark on a tree, JB bore paste or Gold Medallion / 40 X bore cleaner will cleanup any residue, but  remember they are abrasive.


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I shot moly coated Precision bullets for many years in my Limited guns. The 50/50 mix of peroxide and vinegar works great. Pull your barrel and wipe oil off it and place in solution while you clean the rest of the gun. When you are done, finish cleaning barrel, dry, oil and reassemble. Pretty effective.


Heed the warning on SS barrels only though. This 50/50 mix will corrode carbon barrels pretty quickly.


Here are more detailed instructions from their website:

Stainless steel barrels only

  1. 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a jar
  2. Make a hook out of a paper clip
  3. Remove barrel and lower into mixture with paper clip hook
  4. Soak for 20 minutes
  5. Remove barrel and wipe off excess with paper towel
  6. 1 pass with a bore brush
  7. 1 pass with a tight patch
  8. Flush out under sink with water
  9. Dry off, patch out, and oil

Carbon steel barrels

  1. Take a “Chore Boy” stainless steel scrubbing pad
  2. Cut off a spiral portion from the pad
  3. Wrap around brass cleaning brush
  4. Apply Breakfree CLP—5 or 6 passes through the bore
  5. Patch out with favorite cleaner
  6. Dry the bore and oil

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After shooting session with coated bullets, can running a half-dozen jacketed bullets help clean out the bore?


That would be pretty simple if it works.





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Never tried that.


Seems like it would work, but that moly build up is pretty tough stuff.

Normal barrel cleaning with Hoppes #9 &  brush doesn't touch it. 

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