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Mark R   

Not a stage gun, not a physical test…but…

Have you ever played the backyard game called Washers? A game you play like horseshoes, but you use large 2-3 inch diameter washers and toss them into a box with a 3 inch and 4 inch round PVC pipe inside. He PV pipe get extra points.

Yea, I know we are testing shooting skills, but want to throw in some extra fun…see who will bite.

I designed a stage where the shooter starts the stage holding the washer in strong hand. Upon start signal, toss the washer for extra points, and then engage targets from within the fault lines.

Scoring the toss will be A zone hit for small pvc pipe, C hit for large pvc pipe, D hit for in the box, and No Penalty Miss (NPM) for out of the box. Shooter can elect to just get rid of/drop the washer or try for some extra points…their option.

Is this stage legal for a level 1 match? I can't find anything in rulebook to shut it down.

PDF is full WSB.




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Its not legal to Assign arbitrary "extra" points for non shooting actions.

When you think about doing things like this you need to put it into perspective to the possible high hit factor of the stage. Even if your stage was legal nobody that did the hit factor math on screwing around with the ring toss or not would instantly figure out that it would be an advantage to NOT even try to do anything with the ring toss. Looking at this stage the high hit factor will probably be a 10. That means if you waste more than half a second on getting an "A" on the ring toss it is going to result in a worse hit factor. If you manage to physically toss the ring and get a C or a D hit in half a second you are will behind the curve. Think about this for a second. Most shooters can't even get their gun out of the hoster much less both hands on it within half a second during the draw. There is no way that someone will be able to accurately throw the ring accurately enough to get an "A" within half a second to make it worth doing from a hit factor perspective. Even if you treated the ring toss as as a real target and assessed it a miss, which would result in a loss of 15 points that would still only equal 1.5 seconds of stage time. Even 1.5 seconds is not enough time to ensure an "A" hit on the target and you would be better off skipping it and eating the miss.

Gamers are going to game stages. You would end up spending a lot of time and effort making this ring toss thing that nobody would use making you bitter. Save this kind of stuff for practice with your buddies were you can enjoy it for what it is.

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While it's not exactly the same, I shot a match where you had to grab some handcuffs off a barrel at start signal, and place the handcuffs on a barrel at the end of COF before you fired your final shot. Overall, it was a time-waster and very few people actually even chose to do it. There was a penalty for not doing it, but it was worth it.

I fear the same thing would happen here, so I agree with CHA-LEE. Obviously he went a lot more in-depth!

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I assume you are using the Level 1 exemption for round count then, right? Other than the ring toss, I really like the layout of stage. Looks like some good shoot on the move, a longer shot that will be forgotten by some and a good amount of hosing at the end. I think am going to borrow it if you don't mind!

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