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Silhouette Shooting.

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Aside from straight up practice, what are some suggestions for minimizing shaking through your stance when shooting a silhouette match?

Going through youtube I've seen some videos where some explain that the hips should be set more backward, and the back of the front arm should more or less be balance and almost inline with the front leg.


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The biggest thing you can do to help with offhand is dry fire and weight training. Lots of holding the rifle up while your amrs and body get used to it. Once they start turning to rubber, the shakes just get worse.

A silhouette legal vest will also help. Wide flat bottomed boots/shoes also help.

I have a Scatt trainer that I use in my basement that really helps with my wobble area.

I was shooting with Cathy Winstead late last year at the Sportsmans Team Challenge and she told me her 100 meter wobble was about 1.5 - 2 inches, on a bad day.

If you are shooting Silhouette or Biathalon a hit is a hit. Dont try to make a hit a better hit. Kinda like shooting paper, Xs are nice but 10s are worth the same...

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