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FO Iron Sight?

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I was wondering if anyone had tried FO front sights on their AR. I was thinking it would be really fast to line up a glowing dot in a circle in say an offset iron sight. I was also thinking it would be good for Irons .22 match as well but I don't know anyone who's tried them. Last time I shot irons at our .22 match I had a hard time picking up the front sight fast. I shoot FO fronts on my pistols and scopes on my rifles and am not used to a black front. I was thinking a finer NM sight would help me on the tighter shots (think golf ball at 20 yards) but then I'd really be hosed for the fast shots. I've also been contemplating offset irons for my tac-optics rifle but not sure I want to go there since it was more difficult for me to pickup the irons.

Bottom line, anyone used something like this?



How about the crosshairs from KNS?

KNS Crosshair AR front sight

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I have a Sightlink ultramatch front post on my iron sight gun, and I love it. That is their smallest blade at 0.050" with a 0.020" fiber. Brownells carrys them.


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I used the Sightlink ultramatch.

I saw no real advantage because to get a sight thin enough for tight/distant work the FO is too small at .020 to be bright.

Some time ago Bruce P. used one:

I used the Mounting Solutions Plus sight.

The metal post come in three sizes. I used the smallest at .050 with a .020 fiber optic.

follow this link for photo and details. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?prod...&t=11082005

I went to a fiber optic when the R&R plates started to show up at matches. They would paint the targets white and the protective square plate below the target black. Using a 6 O'Clock hold, I would loose the black front sight in the black protective plate. The fiber optic fixed that problem.

On a close hoser stage, I don't know if it helped but several times I thought I was shooting a dot sight, when my brain would register the green fiber optic dot in the center of the targets. I don't think it was a help, just something I noticed.

Bruce Piatt

The only real negative I found was in bright sunlight with targets in a dark background the blazing FO obscoured the targets. Using a sight blackener would resolve this for that condition but you would need to be ready to repace the FO often.

For real close hosing many look over the sights.

David E.

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Thanks for the input guys. That Sightlink ultramatch looks a lot like the Mounting Solutions + one in the second link. Seems like it would be neat for the Rimfire application I was thinking of, maybe a little thicker one to get more fiber in there.

As for the offset irons thing I was thinking of... did I really wait all this time and get a Tac30 that has a nice 1x just to use irons at close range? Not really. I was thinking about doing it because I saw all the cool kids doing it, not because I saw a need in my own system. I think I'll internalize this a bit more and rethink what I need and not what I want.

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