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WC 857 Mil Spec Powder for Rifle Mag Cal.

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Has anyone tried this powder in a .300wm. I have found some locally for $72.00/8lbs? It is being advertised to be good for rifle mag cal., 7mag. and 300wm.

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I can find data on the following, 846 (for 5.56) fast, 852 (for 308) medium burn rate and 785 which is slower than 4831. 850 is between the two and Hodgdon used to make a 870 which is dead slow (50BMG). WC860 is also 50BMG powder, being ball powder versions of 5010

I can't find anything useful about 857 I would expect it to be a small amount quicker than 860 which itself being similar to H / WC870. 875 being 20mm cannon powder. All Ball WC powders made in the US.

I am going to guess too slow for anything other than really big 30Cal projectiles in the 300Win Mag. Magnum 215 primers mandatory. It would appear to be slow enough that if you filled the case the worst that can happen is it will not produce the required velocities.

According to MilPSec Industries they call it 50BMG powder.

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