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WinMSS integrated with Shoot'n Score It

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You can now use Shoot'n Score It (SSI) and WinMSS together.

It is now possible to generate a backup-file of a match from SSI that will include all details from the match

(match data, competitors, stages, scoring, squads, teams etc) on a format that can be directly imported

into WinMSS.

This be of benefit in the following scenarios;

(1) You feel you need a back-up solution to only using SSI.

Then use SSI for the complete match but take regular backups. In case of any problems (e.g. lost internet access at

range) you can install the backup on a local PC running WinMSS.

(2) No Internet access at the range yet want to have web based registration and other features from SSI.

You can then use SSI to organize the match, have people self register/squad/team etc and arrange for the

match shop (merch, match ammo, t-shirts, ....), track payments from SSI and then you do a backup

of the match and install this at the range and do all scoring locally using WinMSS there.

(3) Upload ICS results from SSI

Create back-up and import to WinMSS, then register classifier results from WinMSS with ipsc.org

To use this feature you simply generate the backup file under 'the match you organize' - 'reports and scoresheets'

- download backup for WinMSS. Detailed instructions are included.

WinMSS - the officially approved scoring software by ipsc.org. Can be downloaded from www.ipsc.org

Shoot'n Score It - free web match arrangement/scoring/result... service for IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Steel and PPC.

Officially approved in many IPSC regions for usage. http://shootnscoreit.com

/ Jens

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