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Mags For The Bul M5 Ultimate Racer 38 Super

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I'm looking for mags I can use in the Bul M5 38 super.

Which one can I use ?


Some say STI for Para ?

If so, what needs to be done to work properly.

New different mag catch ? or ? :wacko:

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STI for Para mags and a mag catch. There is one in brownells but I cant remember who made it. Do a search here and you should find more info.

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Guest bulm5

rescomp made their mag catch for para mags.

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Yesterday I tried some Para mags........... :lol:

But they did not drop out............... :(

The dimensions of the para mag were a little bit thicker

than the Bul............................

Tried a 170mm SPS - Spanish 1911 clone - also fits perfectly,

but same problem as the Para -> little bit thicker.............

Also didn't test fired it

I'm looking for a good but also 100% functionality of the mag.

Bought some Arredondo mag packs -> for Para

Should work, yes for a month of 3 / 4

But the last couple of weeks @&%@$#&*@

Bul standard capacity 17 rounds, with the Arredondo mag

pack 22 round (38 Super)..............

Closer look of dimensions is that the follower of Arredondo for

Para is a longer and wider, than the standard Bul one. :D

Fellow shooting mate said cut off a coil of the Arredondo spring.


Anyone experience with it ?

But allrighty, when your looking for aftermarket products for

increasing capacity.

There are none for some - you need to improvise or buy some

products from wellknown companies like STI / SVI or Para Ordnance.

Advantage is the aftermarket stuff from Arredondo etc i.e.

specially made to fit the wellknown company mags :)

I know a guy shooting Bul and using SVI mags, hopefully he has

some time sunday to chitchat about the mags :D

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Guest bulm5

I have been using para mags in my bul m5 IPSC .40 cal. First, do you have a magwell??? this could be the problem since the bottom of the frame will get pinched by the magwell causing your your mags to not drop free. I had the same problem in my bul initially and my gunsmith took a little bit of material on the inside of my frame . Second, I have to use 600 grit paper and sanded the area in my mags where the the mag catch engages your mags. I am using .45 arredondo followers in my .40s as i have found them the most reliable. I tried some .40 followers and they were not reliable ( kept on turning over inside the mag for soem strange reason). I am using arredondo mag bases on my preban para mags and they will hold 18. Hope this helps.

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I talked with a guy that had the original model BUL a couple of years ago. He had removed some metal inside his frame so that SVI mags worked.

According to Saul the new model BULs will take SVI mags without modification. The new models have the round trigger guard.

I have not seen the new model in person as Charles Daly chose to bring in the .45 models first. That seemed a little dumb as I feel there is a pent up demand for a low cost .40. The .40 Gov't model has a dealer cost of about $540. The IPSC model is over $1,100. I think CD jacked the price up on this model as Saul had told me this gun should retail for under $1,000.

I plan on buying the Gov't model when they are available.

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Yes I do have a magwell.

I'll try the different kind of mags without the magwell.

Maybe testfire some rounds.

I have the "old" model with the square triggerguard en not the new one

with the rounded.

I'm not quite certain what the frame dimensions are of the new and old


Some say without modifications you can use SVI mags in the new models.

Well I hope for some answers tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted ! :D

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Talked to the guy who's using SVI mags in the Bul.

Old or new model doesn't matter, minor modifications are needed.

Magazine lips need some polishing. :P

They don't fall as fast as the original Bul but they work. :D

He uses the 170mm long stick for the long courses etc.

Short ones also works perfectly with his equipment.

The mag catch is the standard Bul one.

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