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Found 62 results

  1. Competition CZ help

    I want to shoot both IDPA and USPSA with a CZ. which CZ is best for that?
  2. I want to order the +4 Mag extensions for my existing CZ SP-01 18 Round tubes. Has anyone done this without changing spring and follower? Capacity? Reliable feeds?
  3. Any of our members have the dimensions of an STI and Tanfoglio/CZ Hi cap mags? I need the width measurement for a project I am working on.
  4. Anyone have issues with their Tactical Sport with ACME coated flat point 180 gr .40? My OAL is between 1.125-1.129. Have zero issues with montana golds at the same length. Seems to me to be hitting the feed ramp and sticking then not going into battery. Running a 14lbs recoil spring
  5. CZ 75 Pre-B Restoration Project

    And so it begins... A few weeks back I purchased a poor condition CZ-75 Pre B as a gift for my father. My dad doesn't know it, but I bought the gun for him and I have been asking his advice throughout the project to allow him to build his own gun. I send him text messages asking things like; what grips would look good, or what finish should I go with? His suggestions are become the plan for the build. As part of the gift, I plan to document the progress here and show him this thread. Hopefully he enjoys the progress and some of the trials and tribulations that went into his new blaster. So without further delay here's what I started with...
  6. I am sure this has come up before, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of a smith or barrel maker capable of making what I am looking for. Essentially, I want a threaded barrel for my TS orange. No one makes this, though I believe it is possible to accomplish. As far as I understand it, the barrel width and engagement with the bushing would not be impacted by extending the barrel past this point and threading it. So the problem then is a barrel long enough to accomplish this as the stock TS barrel is 5.2" in length. Enter Novo Precision. http://www.novoprecision.com/products/pistol-barrel-blanks/ They can make a custom barrel blank at up to 7" in length, which is more than the size needed. What I am looking for is a smith or barrel shop willing to take custom orders, and has the capability to machine the breech, chamber, feed ramp, barrel taper etc. on a blank from Novo. Before the suggestions come in, I will let you know where I have already asked: CZ Customs and Cajun Gun Works. The former could not lose the production time due to retooling to do it, and the latter said they do not make their own barrels in house. So since Stuart and Micah don't have the ability right now to do this, is there anyone out there who does? I am open to any / all suggestions if you feel the smith is competent or has previous experience with custom barrels. Especially if they have experience with CZ barrels. Thanks all!
  7. Just got my first CZ (shadow custom from CZC). I'm used to loading my 147s to 1.14 OAL for an M&P Pro. Went to reload for the CZ and it wouldn't pass the plunk test with anything longer than 1.09 using BBI 147s. Xtreme and Everglades ammo 147 both pass the plunk test with my normal load at 1.14. I have a case of BBI sitting around and would like to use them, and I've tended to get better accuracy with coated vs plated out of my other guns. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going that short in their shadows? And if so how much are backing off the powder(if any)? I'm using titegroup in these loads. Not looking to ream the barrel just yet. Thanks in advance
  8. new be shadow 2

    I guest ordered a CZ shadow 2, What would you recommend for a holster for a new be guest starting out. I have bigger hand too i noticed people taking about changing grip. what are the changing too? thanks for the help
  9. Thinnest CZ Shadow 2 grips?

    Hi... Just picked up a new Shadow 2 this weekend. Great gun, but the width of the grips is just a bit too big for my hands. All the aftermarket grips (LOK, VZ) options are as thick or slightly thicker than the stock Shadow 2 aluminum grips. Does anyone know if a narrow grip (smaller than stock) option is available? Ideally looking for a similar feel to the Phantom and SPO1 have regarding the total width of the pistol grip/handle. Thanks in advance...
  10. CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    Hi there all, I'm still new to the forum, so I apologize if I inadvertently posted this in the wrong place. I have been a long time Glock shooter for defensive use, and have been using several in limited division USPSA for the past few months. While I love the Glock platform, I've been experimenting with other options lately, and after wandering about a bit, seeing where I want to be in this game, I think I'm going to transition over to a CZ Shadow 2, and shoot production division. I recently purchased an STI Apeiro .40 without shooting one, for use in limited, and found that while the gun functions well, I don't like the recoil profile, the overall feel, and a few other things, so i will be letting that go. In the interest of avoiding a similar scenario, i was curious if the people that had shot the Shadow 2 had any observations worth considering before I purchase one ? Any comment on the platform is appreciated, maintenance issues, odd recoil characteristics, parts that tend to break, safeties that kick on unintentionally, sights that fall out of dovetails, parts that tend to need to be replaced early (like extractors in an STI), triggers that don't reset correctly, irregular trigger pulls, anything that annoys or vexes you. I appreciate your time guys, thanks !
  11. Tanfo Domina

    Anyone know anything about the new Tanfoglio Domina open gun? I'm kind of interested, although it looks more or less exactly like the Czechmate I'm currently shooting, albeit shorter and available in .38 super. Oh, and that boner-riffic slide racker. Searching for "Domina" on Google is not providing the results I'm looking for (although it's endlessly entertaining). EAA has proved totally unable to answer emails, as I've sent a couple of them asking for any info about whether or not this gun will become available stateside. No reply yet. Based on their advertising, I assume they are too busy supervising the 8 year old they have photoshopping their HORRIBLE ads. Anyways, if anyone has any info on this gun I'd love to hear it.
  12. New to the forum, not new to shooting. Always looking for more places to shoot. That is when I make the time to hit a match. I've been mostly shooting USPSA, but have on the occasion shot some IDPA, and 3-Gun, and zombie shoots down in KY. For USPSA I typically run a Metro Arms MAC1911 classic .45 in L10, and a CZ scorpion in PCC. Any other shooting its mostly been a CZ P09, Bushmaster ACR, and a KSG.
  13. Im a huge CZ fan. I shoot USPSA and Local Plate and Pin Matches Weekly. Im very interested in shooting the Bianchi Cup in 2018. Because I shoot so much (800-1000 rounds weekly) and would not be completely giving up my other matches for the Cup, I think it would benefit me to utilize the same platform. (a purpose built CZ) First question is anyone using a CZ in Open? If so what is it? I just came from the range and tried my USPSA Open gun with no modifications to anything including the load and it shot sub 1.75 inch at 25 yards and that was with a 6MOA dot. Im thinking with a load tailored for accuracy and a 2 or 4 MOA dot its probably going to be in the 1.25 inch range. Thoughts Please, Thanks
  14. Whose CZ open gun?

    I have a few questions about this build. I'd like to build one my self in the near future. I'm hoping the owner or builder could answer a few questions.
  15. Accu Shadow 2

    I've got an Accu Shadow with quite a few miles on it, and have planned to replace it at the end of the year. I really wanted to get another identical Accu, but now that they've come out with the Shadow 2 I think I should make the switch. I just looked on the CZ Custom website and they're selling the Accu Shadow 2 now. That's the one I want. Any idea when it could be approved? How does it work? Seemed like the Shadow 2 made the list pretty fast. Thanks
  16. A month or so ago I started a thread about which CZ grips for big hands. I ended up sending an email to Jayson at LOK asking him about the palm swell Bogies compared to the stock palm swell CZ grips. He replied that they could make the Bogies 1/16" thicker if that's what I wanted. Anyways, they got here on Tuesday and holy crap they are perfect!
  17. Hello there, people!!! I just wanted to ask anyone of you guys if you know of any model of Safariland Holster that the CZ Shadow 2 would fit into it. I will call Safariland for this, but I figure I should ask here first. I just wanted to add that I specifically am looking for Safailand brand and not currently interested in other brand of holsters. Thank you in advance for your response! Regards, BASTi
  18. New CZ 75 TS 9mm mags FAIL

    Bought brand new mags (bone stock 9mm 20 rd) from CZC. All three of them fail to lock into place due to the mag catch notch either being too low or not wide enough (you choose perspective) on the mag body to engage the mag latch. This CZ TS is .40 and as per the information provided here by trusted members who have done the same, I converted to 9mm for 3gun and will shoot "major' for USPSA. The barrel (fitted by myself) is a great fit and functions without issue. The pistol fires flawlessly as long as I hold it in position with my thumb while firing (yeah...i know...not an option!). The first round fires and as the slide returns to battery, it fails to pick up the second round in mag, as the mag (due to chamber pressure/cycling) withdraws from its seated position in the pistol. Has anyone experienced this whether in an actual CZ TS chambered in 9, or during the above stated conversion? Yes: It is a 9mm TS mag No: I have not changed the guts or added a basepad Yes: .40 mags "click" in without issue ALWAYS I ran three mags fully loaded, rapid fire while holding mag in position without even one FTF. Thank you for you help with my problem.
  19. I bought a new SP-01 safety model. This will be replacing my M&P 9 pro for 3 gun. When converting to SAO, is it all in the trigger or do I need to change the hammer too? I'm also going to remove the FPB if this makes a difference. For those of you who have built these guns, what all did you do?
  20. Shadow 2 in the wild

    Got mine in today from CZ Custom. Quick review: First impression. It's heavy. You can feel it's a little thicker but still basicly feels like other shadows. Trigger pull is nice. But still has that long reach. DA weighs in at 9.5lbs and the SA is 3.1lbs (average of 10 pulls). Extended mag release is a nice addition also. I will give a range report shortly. Rain is out of control lately ☹️
  21. CZ 97B

    What happened to the CZ 97B pistols? A few months ago there were several available at more than a few locations and now the supply seems to have dried up. Just a temporary lull, or is something else up?
  22. CZ TS - Nitro Fin and mag release spring

    Two quick questions. First, the Shooting Sport Innovations Nitro Fin for the Tanfo apparently can be fitted for a TS. Anyone done this yet? Thoughts? Second - does anyone make reduced power mag release springs for the TS? I've been unable to locate one.
  23. LONG S L I D E Love!

    Starting to get hooked (again) on CZ's! Birthday present to me. First pistol match in two months, coupled with sunshine and my girl feeling better had me rather happy!
  24. How are you all doing?! I am approaching my 21st birthday so I will finally get to buy my first handgun. While my dad has handguns so I'm not new to the handgun world of shooting, I am looking for something special as my first pistol. I am in CA so we do have a roster, basically all guns except for glock gen 3's are illegal here. That being said, I have a friend that is offering to sell me his Springfield Model P9 LSP (long slide ported) for my birthday. I am trying to find as much information as I can but Google is lacking of much information. I could only find that they are Tanfo OEM parts assembled in the US by Springfield (I don't even know if this is correct). I was also told that they used to be used heavily as Open guns if they were chambered in 9x21 to make major power factor. This one my buddy is selling is chambered in 9x19. Anyone here own one and/or have more information surrounding this pistol? Where can I get extra parts? Barrels? Sights? I kinda want to shoot this in production but it is ported.... Thanks in advanced!
  25. New to forum

    Howdy All! New to the forum. Happy Saturday!