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  1. Gun shop experts and their quotes

    oh they will. and then they'll wave it around.
  2. Groundhogs

    I've been known to call it candlemas. a soul close in my life said it is from another holiday I can't remember what she called it. I think it is the halfway point of winter. miranda
  3. oops

    I used to read a lot. (nowadays I tend to skim.) I recall that when such bone repairs were new, the thinking was the docs thought they'd go back in to retrieve. and that caused more complications from chipped bones and infections. I had a friend who rode motorcycles and he had a messed up wrist (I assumed a bike accident but I don't know for certain) he had a sorta ladder thing attached to his forearm. it had about 6 posts going into the bones to hold it while it knit. It looked unreal, and thus not painful to look upon. He said all was good until he forgot and whacked it on a door. back to the quote about the pain woulda killed a normal man. things to avoid include falling, I do not want to be as brave as Siglady. heal quickly. miranda
  4. Beware of dog

    they are sticky dogs.
  5. Oh, crap......!

    note to self: avoid holsters. got it. miranda
  6. oops

    I going to quote flex from many years back, "woulda killed most men" you are a brave soul Siglady. oh that looks painful. miranda
  7. :-D you must post at least one joke in the humor section.
  8. I thought you only lost time when you have a squib in your press. if you notice it before you crack your platform.... miranda
  9. oops

    oh siggy. may your recovery be speedy! miranda
  10. ah 'tis only money... If you can find the wherewithal to get a casefeeder.... go with the 650, you will be able to get your monthly needs done in three or four hours. a lee turret press can go along at a good rate... I find I stop a lot and that costs in round count per hour. so while I am fairly sure I can get 50 rounds made in less than a 15 minute time frame I do not think I can sustain that rate over an hour... I can see it is possible. I mention that because I am certain with a casefeeder on a 650, you can sustain over 400 rounds in an hour. This does include refilling the primer tubes by hand. and moving the ammo loose into boxes...refilling the measure... no one has ever accused me of being fast. miranda
  11. Brass shavings from Lee FCD?

    the source of lyrics are quite varied... you never know where the fat bottoms and rockin' may have come from.... you just think you know. hohohohohohohohohohohohohoho yeah, I don't believe it either. :-D in any case, I hum the song while loading. miranda
  12. Brass shavings from Lee FCD?

    .... all for 147 dollars. gotta think about that set. I have a memory of this problem in another thread The conclusion I understood was that case lengths have to be well controlled to seat AND crimp in one step. the other problem is separate... the FCD will swage fat bullets. I can state this second problem is true... as I like to run fat lead bullets fat bottom girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round miranda
  13. I have to state I was thinking the problem cases are the 38 short things I have seen. ah what the heck, I kinda like this sort of puzzle and thinking through what can go wrong with a mechanical device. since you are getting the powder bar to full movement that usually means the case is close to the bell ramp. so you need maybe another full turn on the powder die. and I am assuming you are hitting the shell plate... you wouldn't happen to have a washer or two the same size as the top of the powder funnel? miranda
  14. well, that leaves us at checking parts for proper dimensions... the funnel diameter should be about .358 If my memory serves, just before the bell ramp starts. (the 9mm funnel should be a wee bit smaller) that will tell you you have the correct funnel, I have no idea for how tall the delrin insert needs to be. does it have a crack in it? have any long 38 cases? (like a 38 super or such) a way to try to see how far away the bell is... miranda
  15. I am guessing here you have the correct cases? If you have the die run all the way down, and not getting belling it is easy to state some thing is wrong. the powder funnel has to stop on something. I can't recall what holds the powder measure to the die... brain freeze... is the measure sliding up? miranda edit add: found pictures and now recall....