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  1. Shaft Lubrication

    start of session, I run the ram up and add a few drips around the shaft. end of session I wipe a rag around the bottom of the press and end of the shaft ...I'd prefer a pressurized lubrication system. I just can't think up a good way to catch the dripping. miranda
  2. refrain from declaring your dillon press and all dillon products faulty and I suspect you will find a lot of help. Claiming an absolute like that.... tells the guys reading, and trying to help, that you are not listening to anyone trying to help. Dillon make tools. they can have problems in adjustment... If you want help, there are a lot of guys here who will help. after all, some how, you were given help. miranda
  3. options... sit in a chair and load lower the feeder. I am pretty sure you can come down 6 inches move into a room upstairs. most of the day you are not using the bedroom? my fav: cut hole in basement ceiling. It don't have to be big. the hopper can sit on the floor and drop cases into the tube. I am sure a longer tube can be easily made. in terms of cool factor... make a chain drive to lift the cases up to the press from a 55 gallon drum. :-D I am still trying to automate my bullet sizing. if I ever get that going, I'll try for primer collating. miranda
  4. To attach to a 650.... I do not know if a lee riser is required... I suspect it is I never tried to set the auto-drum up without it. a lee powder funnel die, a lee powder riser, and the auto drum. fills cases with powder... miranda
  5. Why

    have you ever heard of sandbagging? hohohohohohohoho some people like things they feel are nice. or nicer somehow. I love walnut stocks. I really do not want to carry it all day to hunt deer. Anything lighter would be what I would carry,
  6. "Are you seeking assistance or a pulpit from which to complain?" this is a great line. I have a 4 hole lee turret and It is worth what I paid to buy it and I truly have no complaints of it. the Dillon xl650 is both more expensive and far better. What I never expected from the 650 was a press that fixed all my reloading problems for me. I had a lot of sympathy for Tswinsen at the start of this thread. (do not skip that HAD.) For I am learning to reload 556/223 and have crimped primer pockets to sort out. I have tried crimped 9mm and can load them on my 650 if I take care at the primer loading step. This is after I reamed them. With the 556 crimps.... not so easy, I can't get them to load in the turret press with any consistency. Some press into place as is proper and other completely baulk. why I have not set a few off I do not know. That same brass and primer on a 650 is almost certain to go bang. My thinking is that I need a better primer pocket ream. that or another way to prep the brass and perhaps a switch to another brand of primer. What gnaws at me is that I often get three distinct 'steps' in my pressing primers. The primer starts easy and straight, then it needs a bit more push, and then... since it is often a little proud of flush... the primer needs a very hard press to be home. That last step is where I expect to get bang. cause it is a lot harder than the 9mm primer pressing. tswinsen's problems encompass more than his reloading issues. lI'll leave it at his problem is in his brass... miranda
  7. sorry. you lost me. I strongly recommend you take up reloading on a rockchucker or a 3 hole turret. miranda
  8. Hi Tswinsen, you have a dillon super swage. not the thing I see on e-bay that swages primer pockets on the 650 that has a very similar name.. The primer swage should remove the crimp, just the crimp. you can expect tight pockets because you do not want loose pockets. swaging takes a lot of force. you are sure you have completed the swaging stroke? I have a lot of crimped brass and after my ream step, I prime on my turret press. The pockets are still tight. the primer often will start correctly and then stop, then I turn the case a quarter turn and try again. I'd consider another brand of primer than the federals I've been using so far If I switch to the 650 for priming. miranda
  9. ... I usually notice 380 cases at the powder check... "gee that case looks over full" or BEEEEEEEeep! siiigh. the spare cases I have. Also, I have a few primered cases because I do not seem to notice easy sizing 380s. miranda
  10. 356 vs 355

    specs can be such fun. that is why the question was asked about slugging the barrel. at some point one finds this kind of discussion will end up at "close enough" being an imperial trained soul, I can live with 9mm being .355 to .359 I gotta mention the nice folks who think metric is good, may well call it 9mm plus some tolerance... well, whats a half a thou?
  11. 356 vs 355

    k... missed that detail. if your barrel is a 9mm... that should be .3554 and .3560 is only .0006 inches bigger... from some of what I have read, 9mm barrels sometimes are sized at .357. not a clue why that happens. Again, from what I have read, my results are inconclusive, jacketed and sized at .3550 are less accurate than .3560
  12. the same as it does in a lee turret. The lee funnel of your choice, and I use a riser out of habit. the shell lifts the measure release. The auto drum has a lockout feature to prevent double charges. I have never used that feature. I heard this little voice say "Good! sounds easy. What is a lee turret?" If you have not used a lee turret, the auto-drum fits into a lee powder funnel die in much the same way as a Dillon powder measure fits into the Dillon funnels. I used the 9mm Dillon funnel for my jacketed bullets. I modified a lee funnel for the 'fat' lead bullets. thus the lee powder measure. miranda
  13. 356 vs 355

    I like a .357 lead bullet for practice. .356 and coated is good. miranda
  14. case not present switch... that is the ski-ramp/primer launcher. believe me, you will find it is a rare occasion that a case is not present. I run lee dies also. you may want to consider the new lee auto-drum powder measure. miranda
  15. fertilizer is about the safest path. :-D that answer lacks sparkle.... miranda