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  1. Firing Pin.......?

    Yeah, I still run the light trigger pull Hiperfires and between my two friends with JP reduced weight triggers they have broken 5 firing pins (pretty high round count guns).
  2. Steiner R1X red dot

    Yeah.. it is nice enough with some cloud cover and the three days a year we have that here I'm sure it would be fine. :-)
  3. Firing Pin.......?

    Just a random thought here, and I am sure there are a multitude of causes, but those of us with Hiperfires set at the lightest trigger weights are not doing our FPs any favors. The hammer fall energy with that combination is around 20% heavier than a stock AR trigger. Just sayin'.....
  4. Training tool for PCC

    That looks really nice Eric! Quite welcome on the Holosun. ;-)
  5. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    Ahhhh... so one would take the frame mounted optic off to convert it to a limited gun? Sorry, I missed that in the vid.
  6. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    This thing may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, at almost 7K sliced bread at Whole Foods but here is an absolute truth and a question: The leading edge of technology is often the bleeding edge of technology. How many top Open shooters do you see using a slide mounted optic?
  7. Ruger PC Carbine

    So are you saying you are having a hard time? LOL ;-)
  8. Steiner R1X red dot

    It is. Very easy to zero also. Very well made.
  9. Steiner R1X red dot

    It does have really nice glass. I found found the dot to not be bright enough in AZ sun and it is quite heavy.
  10. Like the title says are you guys finding moly rounds leaving more crud in your comps to clean out? I do know the usual comp tricks of spraying it with lanolin based case lube and to clean after every session but just overall, do you see an increase in deposits vs JHP/FMJ?
  11. DPP or RTS2

    The issue with the early RTS2s was that the battery would temporarily disconnect under recoil forces which effectively turned the unit off. After several other attempted fixes the V4 went to dual capacitors which maintain a current to the unit during these brief interruptions of power and keep the unit powered up. There are plenty of reasons to prefer one over the other but the old issues of the RTS2s turning themselves off are just that, old issues that should not guide your decision.
  12. MPX Mag couplers

    Tim, I think you misread the post. It says they were in the truck, not on the truck. You can put metal mags anywhere in the sun on a 120 degree day. You probably won't be able to pick them up without welder's gloves, but that is a different issue.
  13. MPX Mag couplers

    So Brian, that was on a cool spring day?
  14. Been there, done that. No worries. I've seen you say 1.12 before and I do love that recipe!