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  1. Should I shoot with those or use them to see if I have anything stuck in my teeth?
  2. Lightest PCC Builds

    But this begets the question if lighter is always better for our game or is it a preference??
  3. Really nice looking! Just curious but did you shoot it without the comp and if so did you notice a difference?
  4. Ck pcc

    Disclaimer: I am sponsored by CKA. The general consensus is that the Taccom barrel, being lighter, transitions faster while the 16" should be more stable and possible give you faster splits. Some may disagree but that is the normal flow of things. Bobby and Matt build damn nice guns and have customer service next to none. Sponsored or not you would not hear me say that if it wasn't true.
  5. I have an MPX with an ILWT pencil barrel and CF handguard that weighs in at just under 6lbs with optic. From handling the JP I will say that to me at least a fair amount of the weight feels like it is in the barrel/handguard. Nothing empirical, just how it feels to me.
  6. Cool. I have run my 115s and 121s at 1.135 and 1.145 and neither touches the lands. I was wondering if it was maybe for better feeding, but I was just pulling that out of the air.
  7. 1.12?? Any particular reason why so short or just because? I'm headed out for some HP38 on Monday.
  8. Favorite optic for PCC

    Eric, I am running a Holosun 510C using just the 2 MOA dot. I thought it would be too small for my crappy vision and the size of targets we are normally shooting but I have found I am noticeably faster with it and with a price of $299 or even less she's a keeper.
  9. Because if it had major scoring guys like me could win matches. :-) Seriously this is what Scott said, an accuracy division disguised as a speed division, at least at the top of the food chain.
  10. Anyone using a laser?

    I don't believe any of the better lasers will look different than their competitors. They are all at the maximum limits set by government regulations. The differences I have seen are related to varying eyesight in the user. Some are just able to see the laser better than others. I could not see my laser for crap in the AZ sun. Well, I could but I looked like Mr. Magoo trying to find his keys. I gave it to my buddy who is able to at least pick it up quickly on closer reach around targets so it holds some value for him.
  11. SIG MPX failure to eject

    Change your extractor spring. In a pinch I have pulled one from my AR and used it.
  12. Current load (subject to change at any moment because I am just that kind of guy) Sig MPX carbine 115 MG JHP 5.4 Silhouette 1.118 OAL Wolf SRP until I use them all up and then back to Winchester SPP Last load was 121 MG JHP 4.3 N320 1.130 Wolf SRP I like the dot movement a bit more with the 115s but as always, YMMV.
  13. Max Leograndis got DQed? Ouch. :-( Anyone know what happened?