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  1. Because if it had major scoring guys like me could win matches. :-) Seriously this is what Scott said, an accuracy division disguised as a speed division, at least at the top of the food chain.
  2. Anyone using a laser?

    I don't believe any of the better lasers will look different than their competitors. They are all at the maximum limits set by government regulations. The differences I have seen are related to varying eyesight in the user. Some are just able to see the laser better than others. I could not see my laser for crap in the AZ sun. Well, I could but I looked like Mr. Magoo trying to find his keys. I gave it to my buddy who is able to at least pick it up quickly on closer reach around targets so it holds some value for him.
  3. SIG MPX failure to eject

    Change your extractor spring. In a pinch I have pulled one from my AR and used it.
  4. Current load (subject to change at any moment because I am just that kind of guy) Sig MPX carbine 115 MG JHP 5.4 Silhouette 1.118 OAL Wolf SRP until I use them all up and then back to Winchester SPP Last load was 121 MG JHP 4.3 N320 1.130 Wolf SRP I like the dot movement a bit more with the 115s but as always, YMMV.
  5. Max Leograndis got DQed? Ouch. :-( Anyone know what happened?
  6. Great ideas. Maybe a timer with the ability to have presets for sensitivity and or a directional mike would work. I will try fiddling with our presets first to see how much it helps the issue. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the effort and helpful input Paul. Ray, I was just referencing your comment about being told your club would not have to anything to accommodate PCC, and trying to keep this thread on an admittedly narrow track. I appreciate everything you are doing for PCC at your club. What I am trying to do here is to focus on some tech way to make ROing PCC shooters easier for ROs through tech, either adjusting sensitivity or some low cost modification to timers or some way I don't even know about.
  8. Hmmm, that is a bummer. Yeah Chuck, I alternate between my Open gun that has ROs trying to triple plug or hand the timer off to somebody else and my MPX which even with non-subsonic rounds sounds like somebody popping bubble wrap. I never feel RO love when I step to the line :-)
  9. I'm sorry, I missed the part where I said I had any plans to fund a nationwide campaign. MBX does make a really nice comp however I believe it currently leaves the barrel at just under 16" unless Adrian has come out with a more recent version. Yet again I will ask you to stay on topic. I get your position. Everybody gets it. You are not going to do a single thing at your club for PCC and PCCers need to mod their equipment. That is certainly your prerogative but this thread is for discussion among those who are willing and want to look at other ways improve a perceived problem. If you would like to contribute to that please do. If not, please start another thread or join one where debate of PCC is the topic.
  10. The idea was not to mic up for PCC shooters but to have permanent timers with a directional mike on them which is used exactly the same for every shooter. I even indicated I would buy the equipment so it would not be a problem for the club and require no additional duties on a RO. Your comment that the proposal is unduly burdensome is ridiculous. I agree ROs need to be watching shooters not timers and I don't think that is a good way to go. Having to reshoot because I am running 135 PF out of a MPX which does not easily accept a comp without an accompanying tax stamp (thanks SIG for the odd barrel length) is kind of a pita but maybe on me. Frankly I bring enough ammo and if I get to shoot more stages than anyone else for the same entry fee I won't be crying. The bigger concern is about last shots not being picked up giving some competitors better scores than they earned or at a minimum tainting a great run with the last shots not captured argument. I would really like this thread to focus on ways to improve this situation and not descend into something else. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and brainstorming on this. Keep it coming!
  11. Not being snippy here at all but if 4 $69 shotgun mikes solves the issue for our club I will pay for them myself. I do think stage designs which do not have the shooter finishing up against a barricade/barrels/wall/moat of alligators on the right helps a whole lot. For the rest of the course I just don't think you can say you need the RO piggybacking the competitor. I am 62 and nobody is going to mistake me for Usain Bolt holding a timer so when one of the young bucks starts to sprint uprange for the next array of targets I am either leaving way before they do or I get run over. No bueno.
  12. Paul, I was hoping it would plug into the audio jack of a shot timer if they have one. I never checked on the ones we use at our range.
  13. I'm thinking something like this plugged into the microphone jack of a timer might work?? https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATR-6550-Condenser-Shotgun-Microphone/dp/B002GYPS3M/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1503335978&sr=8-6&keywords=boom+mic+for+iphone