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  1. Sport Pistol powder

    Dillon makes the body of their powder measure from cheap metal that bends over time. Powder spillage is an indicator that it's time to get a new one.
  2. Sport Pistol powder

    Yeah, 8# of Sport Pistol costs the same as 4# of N320, so…
  3. Sport Pistol powder

    I’ve shot a few thousand rounds of this stuff and am sold. Meters well, doesn’t spill too much when advancing my 1050, clean, and negligible flash when matches run late (finished the GA Championship in the dark). I loaded a bunch of N320 right before shooting SP and couldn’t tell a difference. 4.05 gr. behind a Precision Delta 124 gr. JHP @ 1.1” gets me 130 PF from my Shadow 2.
  4. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Stage 3: Get lower so that you can transition more quickly and lean out without having to pick up a leg.. Stage 2: Looking good, but try to stand so that you don't need to reposition your feet when transitioning between targets. Foot position is something to work during the walk-through and work into your pre-stage visualization. Stage 1: Nice aggressive shooting other than the hitch moving into the last position. Stages 5 & 6: Nothing obviously wrong, just need to shoot faster and more accurately.
  5. Red Dot vs Bullseye vs Prima V

    I recently polished off the last of my 20# case of Prima V. I had been loading Bullseye before that. Prima V burns cleanly and plays well with polymer bullets, but metering always seemed funky and took forever to settle down after making a change. I never managed the single-digit SDs that were the norm with Bullseye. This is probably related to the power spillage I'd see in my 1050. On the balance, I think Prima V is fine but I won't be ordering more. I'm planning to give Sport Pistol a try after loading the rest of the Bullseye I stumbled across in my basement.
  6. Vectan BA9.5

    Thinking I might try Alliant Sport Pistol instead.
  7. 124g Ammo

    I made Production M shooting Freedom's remanufactured 124 FMJs.
  8. Sport Pistol powder

    All this sounds good. Curious whether it's clean burning like N320 and Prima V.
  9. Vectan BA9.5

    Anyone shot both this and Prima V? I'm getting to the bottom of my Prima V stash, and while it's cheap and clean, SDs are kinda high in my 1050. I'm wondering if BA 9.5 might meter more consistently. I'm loading 124s.
  10. Foot speed, general awareness

    For foot speed, practice getting low and exiting positions explosively without shuffling your feet. You can do this in dry or live fire, doesn't matter. Use short strides when accelerating and decelerating to maximize the fraction of time you have a foot on the ground applying power or scrubbing speed.
  11. Shadow 2

    I'm reworking my loads with shorter OALs.
  12. Vectan Prima V?

    Check page four in this PDF for burn rate info. I'm not aware of manufacturer data for Prima V pistol loads, as it's marketed as a shotgun powder. I developed my Prima V pistol loads by starting with Internet heresy and working up carefully.
  13. What's your favorite load for the cz 75 shadow

    Favorite would be a 124 gr. Hornady HAP pushed to ~130 PF. I've loaded with Bullseye and Prima V. Both work great and conveniently need a 4.2 gr. charge out of my Shadows. 124 gr. Precision Delta JHP is almost as good. I recently experimented with 147 gr. bullets but gave up despite the softer recoil due to not being able to get them shooting nearly as accurately.
  14. Shadow & Shadow 2 parts interchangeability

    Thanks for the replies. Good to know that my stash of Shadow spare parts will largely carry forward to the Shadow 2.
  15. Any sense yet on which parts will interchange between the Shadow and Shadow 2? In particular, any of the main consumables like springs and the slide stop?