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  1. Bolt, buffer, and springs......

    Hello: Or you could make the plug that goes in the bolt out of aluminum and also the weights for the JP SCS. Lots of options is a good thing. Thanks, Eric
  2. Bolt, buffer, and springs......

    Hello: Guys playing around with PCC's is part of the fun for me. I did the same with my open pistols until I found what worked for me and also seems to work for others. I just posted what works for me and hopefully helps others along the way. Saying one setup is good for everyone is not true since we all like the rifle to react a certain way. I have shot some setups that guys are using that do very well with and think this is terrible but works for them. They have tried my setup and thought it could be better as well. Time behind the sights is a wonderful thing is what I found to be true for everyone. I like the full length stroke of the bolt when others like the shorter stroke. I find it easier on my shoulder(bad) and my hits are better with the longer stroke. Is it faster, it seems to be for me. for my testing I use a timer and also hits on paper. Gun feel just does not work for me since my mind says that feels really good and when I look at the timer and hits it proves me wrong. Lastly shooting style comes into play as well. If you can do really fast splits a different setup maybe better for you than someone who is a little slower. Shooting matches will be the final test to see what works best for you. Thanks, Eric
  3. Bolt, buffer, and springs......

    Hello: No problem. Since you have the different weight springs try the lightest one and see how it does with the 124's. You are close to my buffer weight that I am using and really liking right now. Thanks, Eric
  4. collapsible brace ON AR P

    Hello: Go to the website and print out the ATF letter from the brace you are using just to be safe. Still not legal for PCC though. Thanks, Eric
  5. Bolt, buffer, and springs......

    Hello: Now you just have to try a buffer in the 4.8-5.2oz range with a 223 spring. Also a 16" lightweight barrel with your 124's and 3.8 N320 or 3.1gr of Tite Group. Thanks, Eric
  6. “Budget” build help

    Hello: BCG, buffer and barrel are the heart of the PCC. I would set a budget for your build and what you are trying to do. A magwell insert will work well for Colt SMG magazines. A good barrel that will allow you to load long if you are reloading 9mm or using coated/plated bullets. I have been using JP, KAW Valley/Faxon and Wilson Arms barrels. All perform very well when you find a good load for them. These are all 16" barrels which I found worked best for me. Bolt and buffer setups I mostly use JP stuff but have used Matrix, KAW as well. If you get a chance I would shoot as many PCC's as you can to see what you like. Different setups may favor your style of shooting or you may not like the recoil impulse of them. I am in the medium weight with slight weight forward camp. Thanks, Eric
  7. Cleaning

    Hello: I shoot 3 matches then clean it. Total tear down and cleaning every 6 months. I shoot a lot and make sure it can shoot even if it is dirty. Thanks, Eric
  8. SIG MPX

    Hello: I think the MPX is a good platform to build up on if you like softer recoil. It does take more to clean these but once setup they are very good. Is it that much better than a AR9? I am not sure if it really is faster or better just different. I have both AR9's and MPX's. After you get both setup with loads and weight where you want it they both will get the job done. To build an MPX I would start with a 8" pistol and build it up. That way you get in cheaper to start with and don't have to sell of stuff you don't want/need. I would sell off the barrel and hand guard and get a In Lead We Trust 16" barrel and Isler hand guard. Add a buffer tube, stock, Radian charging handle and a Thordsen adapter. Lastly get a Hiperfire 24C or 3-gun trigger. Doing all this you will have over $2000 in it. Can you build a AR9 for half of that, yes you can. If you want top shelf AR9 stuff you will have about $1600 in one if you do the work yourself. Around here we don't have many MPX's but the ones that are here seem to run 100% with either reloads or factory ammo. AR9's run better with reloads tuned to the PCC. Thanks, Eric
  9. Training tool for PCC

    Hello: It shoots softer than the MPX and is lighter. It balances the same as my MPX and AR9's I have. It is just so much fun to shoot and I don't have to look for brass or reload for it. I have 15 magazines and load them up at home then go shoot it at the range. The Lightening Grip mag loader makes that easy. We have a carbine match here that you can shoot any carbine you have. People shoot AR15's,AK's, PCC's of all types and 22's. It is a fun match and cheap to shoot if you shoot 22's. I was a Ruger 10/22 guy but I think I like this more for just plan plinking and PCC practice. Thanks, Eric
  10. 155mm mags for 9mm/38sc

    Hello: If you are using SVI 140mm mag tubes you can use a Dawson base pad for a Para to give you a mag that holds 24-27 rounds. That way you will have many options with the 140mm magazine with different base pads. I am finding that I am using the 140mm magazines more and more with different base pad setups for the stages we run around here. Thanks, Eric
  11. Glock mag extensions

    Hello: I have used Arredondo, Dawson, TTI and Zev all +5/6 base pads on the 31 round Factory Glock magazines. I just use them with the stock spring and all a have been 100%. I also have a Taccom splice and a Taylor Freelance +10 that both needed to smooth out the transitions on the mags. For most stages the +5/6 base pads work just fine since they give me 36-37 rounds in the mags. For what I shoot here I don't see a need for the really long base pads that may give iffy results from what I have seen here. Thanks, Eric
  12. SIG MPX

    Hello: I use use bullets back for my PCC reloads. Front mag holder at 30 degrees from horizontal. Thanks, Eric
  13. SIG MPX

    Hello: If you buy a Sig 20 round mag and cut the end off the base pad keeper it gives you 25 rounds. You can do the same on the 35 round mags and it gives you a 35 round mag. Thanks, Eric
  14. Muzzle flip due to bcg travel?

    Mark :Big Woods Goods has an USPSA indoor match every Thursday. I like shooting outdoors mostly at Cherokee, South River, River Bend, Griffin, and CMP in Alabama. I would try a 223 spring with your Blitzkrieg buffer and remove the weight in your bolt. Load 124grain bullets to 131-134PF. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hello: I do it kinda the same as the video but just switch hands on the hand guard. I also switch shoulders before I get to the shooting position. Another thing to try is shooting weak shoulder but still with your strong hand on the trigger. I have also used strong hand and put the PCC in the middle of my chest to get the shot around a barrier. Practice is the key to anything. Thanks, Eric