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  1. JP Silent Capture Spring o-rings

    Hello: I don't oil my buffer tube or buffer and my "O" rings have over 3000 rounds through them on one of my JP buffer setups. I am also running a lighter weight buffer setup than stock. Thanks, Eric
  2. Good OAL for new PSA AR9

    Hello: You will have to check the overall length with the type and shape of bullet you are using. You maybe able to load to 1.140" OAL with one bullet but only 1.050" OAL or shorter with another one. Do a plunk test and see what you length you can use is the only way to find out what your barrel will be able to take. Have fun shooting your PCC. Thanks, Eric
  3. Taccom "Couplers"

    Hello: I don't think there is a really super long spring for the Metalform magazines. You could make a sleeve to go over the ends of the springs and solder it on. Or you could just get a Taylor Freelance base pad to give you 40 rounds or the Taccom coupler to give you 40-65 rounds. Thanks, Eric
  4. SIG MPX

    Hello: The AR9mm firing pins also have a spring. I hope you found it. Thanks, Eric
  5. Shooting Suppressed.

    Hello: If you have your club set the timer so it will pickup quieter shots it should work if they put the timer near the ejection port. I would ask the match director and would think most would say yes hoping you come back with a non suppressed PCC and 10 of your friends. Our next match here has 17 people registered for PCC. Pretty good number for a match that has around 80 shooters total. Looks like a fun gun to shoot. Thanks, Eric
  6. JP Silent Capture Spring o-rings

    Hello: Maybe try some Viton "O" rings or silicon ones. I am still on the original set which I think are Buna rubber ones. I don't run my AR9mm very wet like I do my AR15's. I am running a lighter buffer setup and reloads so that may help. Thanks, Eric
  7. Open Gun Pictures

    Hello: New PT build is coming along. Still in the white and need to install C-More mount and racker. Thanks, Eric
  8. pcc options

    Hello: I shot my Mech Tech today that takes Glock mags. I have a Glock 17 frame on the bottom of it with a Dawson Ice magwell. That thing reloads very quick. I shot it with some reloads I use for my other PCC's and the Acme 122 grain bullets worked very well. The 147's seemed a little sluggish in the Mech Tech. I still need to chrono these with the Mech Tech but they felt pretty good with some quick splits. I also tested out some Magpul mags with Zev base pads. They worked perfectly. I'll try it out tomorrow night at the indoor match and see how it does. Just another option if you have a Glock. Thanks, Eric
  9. PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    Hello: It could be a show stopper if you need to load longer for better feeding or the factory ammo does not fit the barrel you have. Just what I have seen here. Thanks, Eric
  10. PCC AR 9mm barrel makers?

    Hello: I have seen some barrels that will take loading long right from the factory and others that need throating even from the same make of barrel. I have not had any problems with the Wilson Arms barrels or the JP for being able to load long. Thanks, Eric
  11. Which style mags for PCC? Glock or Colt?

    Hello: I am using the Magpul 21 round Glock 17 magazines for reloads and classifiers. No base pad needed and they are slick. One thing with the magpul mags are that they are very lightweight. I have some Magpul 17 round mags coming with some Zev Magpul base pads. I will try those for classifiers which require reloads. I may try some Glock 19 mags as well for going prone or steel challenge. Nothing drops faster than the Colt style mags, but they hurt if you drop them on your foot with no shoe on. Thanks, Eric
  12. 9 Major Barrel losing velocity? Barrel Shot?

    Hello: Clean your barrel and look at the throat area to see if it looks out of round. Measure the Montana Gold bullets to see if they are on size. Win 572 is a hot powder from what I have seen around here in 38SC and 9mm. Certain barrel companies are known to have good and bad quality barrels come out of there doors. You may have a bad one? Thanks, Eric
  13. pcc options

    Hello: If the bolt is the type with the two pins that locate it onto the rest of the bolt, I am not a fan of those since you can not try a JP buffer setup or make the bolt lighter easily. Lots of options out there or you can build your own. Thanks, Eric
  14. pcc options

    Hello: Better check to see if you can use reloads in it. You may have to load real short or have the throat reamed. Also check to see if it will take Glock and Colt magazines with the bolt. Thanks, Eric
  15. What options for 33 round G type mags

    Hello: I use the stock Glock factory 33 round springs with my +5/6 base pads. They have worked for years that way. I load them to 36 rounds and the feed great in my PCC and Mech Tech. Thanks, Eric