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  1. Hello: Remove the barrel and clean it. Or just shoot it some with your bullets. When I remove the barrel the zero does not change, at least at a distance of 50 yards for me. I use the Wil Schuemann method and don't over clean the barrel on my pistols or pistol caliber carbines. He says more damage is done by cleaning than just shooting them and he should know. A bore snake may take some of that out. Thanks, Eric
  2. Favorite optic for PCC

    Mike: I told you that you would like it. Thanks, Eric
  3. Part suggestions

    Hello: I bought the kit from Pheonix Trinity. It comes with the slide. Give them a call. I talked to Tiffany. Thanks, Eric
  4. Part suggestions

    Hello: I have built a couple of PT setups now and I must say the quality of steel is terrific. These have been open pistols. Not sure if you are building a limited 5.5" or a open pistol? PT make 5" slides but not sure if they make a 6" you can cut down. For a slide I would go with a Caspian or Foster if not the PT. For a barrel I would try to get a Schuemann. EGW hammer and sear, ISMI springs, Dawson firing pin, and safeties you like. Thanks, Eric
  5. C-More Thoughts

    Hello: I use a 4MOA dot for shooting indoors. Just a little better for my eyes. Thanks, Eric
  6. Red dot location

    Hello: Move the C-More back so it is closer to the pivot point. Cheely setback mount is a nice one to use and also his 90 degree mount. One thing with the upright mount is the hold over on close targets where the 90 degree mount you don't have to worry about that. I like both and use both on my open pistols. I am a fan of the C-More slide ride since they keep on working for me. Thanks, Eric
  7. PCC inconsistent cycling???? Why?

    Hello: Check the crimp on your reloads. I have seen some reloads on some PCC's that get either bullet setback or the bullet moves forward since they don't have enough crimp to hold the bullet in place. Others will be able to hear it as you shoot. Thanks, Eric
  8. C-More Thoughts

    Hello: Get the 6MOA dot plastic standard model. Do yourself a favor and get the American Defense mount for it. Costs a little more than the C-More mount but it is way better built. The other bonus is that you can remove it when you clean your PCC and reattach it without loosing zero. Another option to look at is the Holosun 510C. I bought one and really like it. I think a new model is coming out so you maybe able to find one for just over $200. Thanks, Eric
  9. 9mm reloads for pcc

    Hello: Get a 12 gauge swab and coat it with lithium grease. Swab it in the tube area then remove and that should make it easier to keep clean. Or just use a 16" full length barrel Thanks, Eric
  10. Trubor accuracy problem

    Hello: The first shot maybe off since the first round may not be going into battery the same way as the others after the first shot. Pull the slide back all the way to the back for the first shot, don't just drop the slide with the slide stop. See if that makes any difference? Thanks, Eric
  11. Not enough N320??

    Hello: I know in 40 S&W that Tite Group is more accurate than N320. I have not tested both in 9mm. N320 is clean burning for sure but costs twice as much as Tite Group. N320 can also very a lot from lot to lot. Not sure why but it does. Thanks, Eric
  12. Trubor accuracy problem

    Hello: Shoot it off hand not on the rest and see how it shoots. Thanks, Eric
  13. Not enough N320??

    Hello: I knew something was up. After your MPX breaks in you will be able to shoot lower power factor loads. Tite Group is a little dirty but it is easy to clean the residue off. N320 is nice but not twice as nice as Tite Group You may want to try WST as well. Thanks, Eric
  14. HIPERFIRE 24 3Gun On Sale $129.99

    Hello: I think the breaking problem is that they are a bad design more than a hardness issue. I was a Tool & Die maker in a past life so I worked with a lot of different materials. A lot of the firing pins are stainless steel and have sharp corners where the stress crack can form. A smooth radius and good material would do a lot and also the correct heat treatment. Thanks, Eric
  15. Not enough N320??

    Hello: Take it apart and oil the bolt assemble and the recoil spring shafts. Shoot it some more. It will take about 500-1000 rounds before it is broken it. Factory loads will be in the 145-155PF range typically with fast powders. Give it some time and enjoy your MPX. Thanks, Eric