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  1. What is your favorite load for your PCC?

    Hello: Anyone have a good 124 grain load they like for there Sig MPX? I am using 115's right now but want to try some 124's or close to that. Thanks, Eric
  2. Pcc suggestions

    Hello: If you don't reload get the Sig MPX if you like a soft shooter. If you reload and like to experiment get a good quality AR9mm or build one. I am not sure which one is faster at this point. My splits are the same for both and on classifiers my hit factors are almost the same. The AR9mm is easier to clean and a simple design. Saying that, the Sig stays pretty clean so far with only 1000 rounds or so through it. Thanks, Eric
  3. Making USPSA top 20 for PCC.

    Hello: Well, I made the top 20 in USPSA PCC "B" division. It shouldn't be long before I move up to "A" or even Master. I do have one 96% classifier that was not used since it was more than 15% above the others. This feels great and proves that even if you are older you can do it. Thanks, Eric
  4. C-More: Polymer to Aluminum Body Replacement

    Hello: Make sure to ask them for an approximate amount it will cost to fix it. I have a friend who sent one in and they said the total is $180. I have 4 I need to send them but I am scared it may cost more to fix them than buying new ones on sale. Thanks, Eric
  5. Newbie here production --> optical

    Hello: I was using the Vortex Viper 6MOA before I sold my 34MOS. It worked well and the battery did not come loose like on the Vortex Venom's I have seen. Thanks, Eric
  6. Blitzkrieg hydraulic Buffer

    Hello: The JP buffer setup I use is 3 steel weights and one tungsten weight with the green spring. Much better than the heavy JP setup. The Smalley spring setup with the Blitzkrieg buffer gave the rifle a weird feel and the second shot on fast splits went up to the right and further apart than the straight Blitzkrieg with JP 308 carbine spring. With two people shooting the same setups on the same rifle with one guy watching what the gun is doing tells you a lot. Thanks, Eric
  7. Blitzkrieg hydraulic Buffer

    Hello: I shot one today with no weight in the bolt, JP 308 carbine spring and the hydraulic buffer. It shot pretty well with 131PF 124 grain bullet loads. Again I did not like the feel of the Smalley spring and spacer setup. The owner of the PCC did not like it with the extra spring or spacer either. I am not sure if I like this setup or my JP setup? If I had one of these buffers I know I would buy more buffer springs to try to see if it could be made any better. Sprinco offer some different weight springs for AR setups. So I would try it with and without the bolt weight. Thanks, Eric
  8. Feed issues

    Nick: Yes and yes. If it is short stroking it could be giving you some bolt bounce causing some feeding issues. Same goes for a super light buffer spring when it slams back causing all sorts of problems. I am liking the longer stroke over the shortened stroke for better dot tracking. Thanks, Eric
  9. Reloading Plan

    Hello: Download your mag you are reloading to. So start with 41 and reload to the other magazine with only 38 rounds and see if it will reload on a closed bolt. My QC10 does. You may also want to get some Magpul 21 round mags or add base pads to your 17 round mags. I would also have 4 mag pouches on your belt. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello: You may want to check your chrono or powder measure. I am getting 133.3-136.9PF using 3.8 grains of Tite Group, Winchester small pistol primers, 115 Acme at 1.125"OAL out of a Sig MPX with a 8" barrel. Thanks, Eric
  11. Blitzkrieg hydraulic Buffer

    Hello: One thing that is not mentioned is that most that are using the Blitzkrieg buffer setup is that they are shooting higher power factor loads. In the 145-150PF range. So your 130-135PF loads may not cycle the heavier setup. Test and tune session will be in session for you. Thanks, Eric
  12. SIG MPX

    Hello: Does anyone make an extended right side mag release? Thanks, Eric
  13. New PCC with feeding problem......

    Hello: And hopefully in your pants! Thanks, Eric
  14. Hello: Funny I shot some major 9mm open gun loads in my old Mech Tech and that thing shot them just fine. I would not want to do that with my AR9mm setup I have now. Thanks, Eric
  15. SIG MPX

    Hello: Sig have the Gen 1 mags on sale for $14.99 for the 30 round and $8.99 for the 20 round mags. These are working 100% in my Gen 2 but your mileage may vary. Thanks, Eric