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  1. Well, shotgun is for moving targets...so we tried those and dang it if people didn't say they loved it. Okay, some people called it the F'ing shotgun stage, but so many look forward to it every year. Set-up SUCKS! Reset SUCKS! Tearing down SUCKS! But shooting the darn things are a hoot!
  2. You've been quiet lately. I'm glad this thread woke you out of your doldrums! He's back! Yes, please start a survey! LOL!!!
  3. Aargh!!!! Seriously, we're excited to see you all, too!
  4. Second Nightforce Precision/Tactical 2-Rifle match is in the books! Congratulations to: Mark Quintana - 1st Place Kuan Watson - 2nd Place Shawn Andrews - 3rd Place Thanks to all our amazing sponsors!
  5. And we're off!!! Staff shot 5 stages yesterday in the hot, hot, hot! But, they seem to have fun even though they were melting!!! Registration today from noon to 5! :-) Results at: http://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  6. When you use those skinny sammies as flashers at less then 100 yards, they are spinners with .308...but they don't last very long! :-)
  7. Did anyone get an email on how to pay yet?

    Thank-you!!! :-)

    I know I'm dim, but is there an address to use for the GPS for the range??? I think we have coordinates, but it feels like we saw an address at one point... :-) Looking forward to this match!
  10. Not that I can get! I have been trying for 3 years to get an oxygen sponsor, and every year I get good feedback and they say they will probably do it and then radio silence! So...bring your own????
  11. Just a quick update! Stage breakdown is as follows! Remember TARGETS not rounds. You need an A or B or two anywhere to avoid penalty on paper! Stage 1 – 3-Gun - Limited Round Stage – 2-10 round pistol magazines, 1- 20 round rifle magazine, 11 rounds of shotgun (We got such rave reviews from our Trailer Stage at He-Man that we’re bringing it back with a few changes. This may be the last time we get to use this area.) Stage 2 – 3-Gun – 12 rifle steel, 2 slugs, 10 birdshot, 2 pistol paper and 10 pistol steel. Stage 3 – Shotgun Birdshot – 44 rounds including swinging, flying, and launched birds. Stage 4 – Shotgun/Rifle – 3 slugs, 10 birdshot, 12 rifle paper, 10 rifle steel. Rifle sling required. Stage 5 – Pistol/Rifle - 10 pistol steel, the Texas Star for pistol, 9 pistol paper, and 24 rifle steel. Rifle sling required. Stage 6 – Pistol – 21 steel, 21 paper, 2 clays Stage 7 – Rifle – 22 steel, 3 clays, 16 paper Stage 8 – 3-Gun – 8 pistol steel, 6 pistol paper, 10 birdshot steel, 2 launched birds, 12 rifle steel Stage 9 – Shotgun/Pistol – Option stage – 12 clays for birdshot only, 6 paper for pistol only, 24 steel that can be pistol or birdshot. So in brief - about 125 rifle TARGETS, 110 pistol, 24 optional birdshot/pistol, 97 birdshot, 5 slugs You need a rifle sling, but NO a shotgun sling. See you all soon!
  12. We're getting close! We still have a few slots left and our prize table is growing, so don't worry about that! :-) http://johnson3gun.webs.com/p-t-match-july-8-9-2017 Thanks to all our amazing sponsors: Of course, Nightforce our amazing match sponsor. Barnes Precision, Bartlein Barrels, Bruno's Pizza and wings, Burris Optics, Defiance Machine, Double Tap Ammo, Ergo Grips, Geissele, Hexmag, Hodgdon, Hornady, Kelbly, Knight's Armament, Lapua/Vihtavouri, No Name Tactical, Owens Armory, Pro Ears, Proof REsearch, Rocky Mountain Targets, Seekins Precision, Sierra Bullets, Silencerco, Starline Brass, Thunder Beast Arms Corps, Troy Industries, Truckvault, Warne Scope Mounts, Whidden Gun Works, XLR Industries and XS Sights!!

    Sorry to bug you! Do we have round counts available yet? Do we need buckshot?? Thanks!