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  1. Best Twist Rate for 38 Wadcutters?

    Get in contact with Ray Pulver (Holland Precision Barrels in Australia) he makes cut rifled revolver barrel blanks in 1:20 twist.
  2. Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

    Curved and pitted surfaces are the biggest problems..... I have seen plates with conveyor belting hoods or halo's in use to mitigate against the risk of splatter... but they sure were awkward to move when it came time to tearing the range down....
  3. Best Twist Rate for 38 Wadcutters?

    1:14 seems to be a favourite for 148 HBWC ....Douglas and Shillen are available as blanks or pre-machined barrels.
  4. Thanks to Dillon

    Post title probably should be Thanks for Dillon....they honoured warranty on my (then) 22 year old RL1050B....that was 7 years ago ! What is amazing is that the RL1050B only had a 1 year warranty back in 1988.
  5. RF100 Alternatives?

    And they are a great tool....bene bene !
  6. 1911 5" Schuemann barrel trouble

    Try some Geco Hexagon bullets with the same load of VV 320.... then increase the load to 4.0 grains and use the HAP's. My Schueman barrelled 2011 likes a heavier load compared to STI barrels. YMMV
  7. CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    At the 2016 Flagler and Bianchi cups there were a couple of guys from Australia who were shooting CZ SP01 action guns.... Custom shrouds, wings, mover mounts, 6 inch Pulver barrels....seemed to run OK. The same guys turned up at NZ for the World Champs. I got some pictures somewhere.....
  8. Fiocchi Primers soft as Federal?

    My test rig was a frame that guided a weight to fall and ignite a primed case. By increasing the distance the weight fell the energy at the primer was increased. It was a simple and effective means of determining the relative sensitivity of primers and the force required to get reliable ignition. May not be the most scientific method but it worked OK for me and my buddies when we were searching for optimum revolver hammer falls on PPC guns.
  9. 2018 World Shoot

    So long as it is not back at Rock Castle I will probably go....
  10. Fiocchi Primers soft as Federal?

    After extensive testing.... Fiocchi SPP are approx 5% harder to ignite than Federals, but heaps easier to load. Winchester are approx 8 to 10% harder to ignite than Federals......I built a test rig to make the measurements. Federals have the lowest lot to lot variation in terms of hardness but suffer from out of round and anvil height issues. ... But they work great in revolvers with light double actions. For general semi-auto use including striker fired guns the Fiocchi seem just fine.
  11. What did I buy? A 2011 story.

    The winningest guns are not always the prettiest guns, so IMHO.... Oil it, load bullets and go shoot !
  12. 38/357 75 Grain Wad Cutters

    About 20 years ago I cut down a 148 gn wadcutter mould so the cast boolits only weighed 78 grains.....loaded as a single boolit they shot OK out to 25 yards but required special loading techniques. I used to load two in a 38 Special case over 3 grains of Bullseye. Accuracy was not target grade, but they would both stay on paper at 25 yards.
  13. What cast to buy for 9mm

    Lee 120gn Truncated Cone..... 6 cavity mould. Loads easy, shoots good and can be used in 9mm, 38 Super, 38 Special / 357 Mag.
  14. Accuracy for reloads.

    Try a few boxes of Ammo from different manufacturers, you might find an even more accurate load.....
  15. different manufacturers causing the issue?

    Is the boolit that is causing you a headache coated, jacketed or lubed lead ? I have had mixed results with lubed lead but coated, plated and jacketed are as slick as mouse snot.