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  1. PCC in... IDPA ?

    yeah, i thought the idea of a handgun was to fight your way to a real gun, shotgun or rifle.
  2. PCC in... IDPA ?

    What about home defense? IDPA is about defensive scenarios which would include in a vehicle, in a boat, on the street away from home and probably very likely defending your home. A short barrel carbine makes sense for in home use. I am not particularly for or against, just saying.
  3. 1911 Barrel Accuracy

    As mentioned in a previous post Frank Pachmayr tested barrels for inherent accuracy but one other thing that he had to do was weld up the barrel hood and bottom lugs on the barrels that were accepted. The barrels were then custom fit to the slide and frame. This process common before the after market bsarrels became available.
  4. How many rounds in a STI edge 140 mm magazine

    I get a "tight" 20 rounds in 140 mm mags with grams springs and followers and Dawson base pads. I usually load only 19 for a sure fire reload.
  5. IOR Valdada 1.5-8 x 26

    I have this scope and I would rather have a 1X on the low end but with my 60 year old eyes I really appreciate the 8X on the top end of the magnification. I made the change from a Meopta K-dot which is really a fine scope but it doesn't have holdover marks like the IOR. Cactus tactical sells the IOR CQB with their custom reticle calibrated in yards while there is another model of this scope calibrated in mil dots. I think the yardage calibrations are much more practical for our use. The upside down horseshoe is very quick for close-in targets and you just go to the dot or hold overs for the longer targets. The only thing this scope needs is an extended knob to change magnification, it is difficult to turn especially in cold weather. The scope is heavy, so I built my rifle as light as possible to keep the overall weight down to an acceptable level for my personal needs.
  6. I thought Meopta K-dot was a great scope but it just didn't seem to work well for on anything past 200 yards, I replaced it with an IOR 1.5-8X CQB with holdover calibrated in in yards. Just love it.
  7. I had a similar failure on a ZM LR-300 11.5 in barrel, the barrel and bolt had at least 5000 rounds down range and let go at the very end of a carbine class. The bolt fractured at the Cam pin hole. In retrospect there were some early warning signs that I ignored and instead shot some more lube to it. I think the bolt had cracked on 1 side before it finally let go all the way. No other damage was done to self or gun.
  8. Wolf polymer is not all that new as I've been shooting it for over 2 years. I've used mostly 62 gr HP which chronos at 2735 fps out of my 20" colt 1/7 barrel. I've also run a lot of it thru a 16" colt 1/9 twist. The 16 " gun was chronographed at the Ky State Multi-gun Match and made power factor but I don't remember the stats. It generally shoots under 2 " at 100 yds in both guns and has been absolutely reliable. It is underpowered as it is 300 fps slower than M855 out of the 20" barrel. The only thing I've noticed is it doesn't seem to expand and seal that chamber very well as the fired cases are sooty. I've gone thru 7000 rounds so far and see no reason not to continue to shoot it. I haven't broken any extractors so far and if I do so what they're cheap compared to all the money I've saved from shooting Wolf polymer.
  9. Need Help With 170 Gr Precision Bullet.

    Well, I got to play with the 170 Gr. Precision this week. With an OAL of 1.145 in an STI barrel I reached my target of 170 PF with 4.8 Gr. VV320 and 4.6 gr. of TG. I run the OAL out to 1.250 and it took 4.9 Gr. TG to make 170 PF. I haven't had any reliability problems with the shorter OAL but I wanted to see if I could improve accuracy with the Long Load. Preliminary results seem to indicate this was the correct solution. Greg
  10. I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for an accurate load using this moly-coated bullet. Any powder will do as long as I can get a starting point for an accurate major load. Thanks