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  1. Dillon 650 cover

    Wow-- You folks let yours sit long enough to need covering ? *grin* I found a large "body " pillow at the dollar store. It's cover had a zippered end. Turned out the cover was large enough to cover my 650 and case feeder when needed.
  2. Scales Location?

    I agree-- Two lag screws on the back of the frame into the wall studs made a noticeable difference in the case loader operation on my 650. I haven't noticed a problem with the scale where it sits in easy reach on the bench. As.Sarge said-- watch the air currents. I do notice that the readout changes if I forget and leave the ceiling fan on med. or high.
  3. McAfee virus scan (for this site)

    Notice that it also categorizes the site as "weapons". That's one reason for the interuption. There should be a setting to give you allow /deny for specific categories, unless you're at a workplace where that decision was made for you.
  4. Getting rid of "warm up" nerves/jitters

    Great stuff! I've taken this advice-- not worrying about the result (ie the scores...). For example, unless its a major match, I rarely even walk the targets to score them. I get a feel how I did (both good and poorly) and that's good so I dont worry about the proverbial "making up the points on the next stage..." thoughts.
  5. Exactly, and if you're at a major match that's what the sight in / warm up bay is for. Do many matches have a warm up bay ? I've been to several state level matches and have never seen one. Great idea, BTW
  6. FYI if your new to dillon

    I have a small shop vac. It has a long hose so the motor/tank sits out of the way. . I started using a brush tool. That helped--still picked up powder and small debris as planned. But, it still tended to suck up pins on occasion. I cut a small slot in the head to reduce the suction some. I can run the brush across the shell plate area--pick up the loose powder but leave the pins. .
  7. When I mounted mine, I had to move it back on the surface a tad more to get the bolts/washers to fit underneath. I wanted to use bolts rather than lags. That required carving out a bit of a notch on the table edge to let the handle fully travel-- no biggie
  8. 2 years later still no powder

    I ordered 8# jugs of Titegroup and W231 from Gamaliel mid November 2014. I received email last Monday that the TG I ordered was in. I called to confirm and it actually was ! The 231 wasnt though. It was $129/jug so that's up about $5-8 from earlier 2014 prices. This new stash plus what I had before will last a couple of yrs.
  9. Got the replacement from Dillon. No wonder folks say it comes apart and I couldnt figure out how. The "new" one has an alen head part that the original one I have didnt. I'll find out if it come apart after the next 6-7k and it needs cleaning. C-Clip wasnt tough. I put it in a small vice, pressing the tip of the punch and the edge of the c-clip cup. The clip loosens and easy to get off and back on.
  10. Maybe Im missing something-- but I wacked it quite solidly with a punch-- it isnt coming out. If it was meant to come out, even with goo in it it would come out with a hit.
  11. Does the 650 primer punch really dissemble for cleaning ? Dirt/dust gets into the fitting and wont let it re-seat fully-- causing the primer wheel to stick and not rotate easily. I see cleaning one is mentioned here and there. I've tried spraying cleaner and working it in and out - no luck. I can get the c-clip and spring off with only two hands :-) But, I'm unable to get the pin out. Should I wack it with a hammer and punch ? Or does it simply just not come out , thus requiring a new assy ?
  12. What to eat & drink

    I'll agree with the comments about don't change much in one's diet just to prepare for a match. If you eat a big breakfast usually, drink a large coffee, etc-- keep that part of the prep stable. For example, if you don't usually consume a large amt of fluid and caffeine, and you decide to do so the morning of a match, you may be spending time in the restroom, and by doing that dehydrate, thus feeling "different' that usual. I am used to being able to snack a little between meals, so I bring peanuts or granola-type snacks for a touch of carbs/energy. I also drink water during the day, so make it a point to drink a bottle or so at each stage. I try to keep things the same-- I get up at 0500 as usual, eat something as usual, cuss at the traffic as usual--and still shoot only fair--as usual.
  13. At a recent match, we were discussing if that ability to see the next two shooters was available and perhaps we didnt know about it.
  14. I'd be happy to just recover what I've shot at t match. It's become such a big deal at some matches I've shot at, I usually just leave it alone. People almost getting into arguments, 2-3 people roaming around downrange pecking at the brass while we all wait, lack of folks taping/resetting targets because they're pecking at the brass, folks not helping to tear down, etc etc. Loss brass matches aren't too bad of an idea, IMO. One group I know of collects their brass as a club, then sells it by the bucket from a list of interested members-- once its your turn you get to buy a bucket, then go to the bottom of the list. Another group lets the SO's have access to the brass first-- a perk for taking their time. Yet another collects the brass and anyone a member get a baggie full of mixed at the end of the match once its torn down. That's a perk for those staying to help.
  15. Installing new brake

    Replacing the original A2 style muzzle brake on my RRA. I understand that one tightens to 20-25ftlbs (good and snug...) them adjusts further to get it oriented properly. The new brake is a good 270 degrees off orientation once torqued- I doubt it will turn that far. I'd be afraid that I'd strip the threads. The original is about 90 degrees off when tight and will sung up that far to orientate properly I tried the original plus new crush ring-- that sets it at 180 degrees off-- still concerned about that much turning once tight Suggestions-- ? Thicker crush ring from somewhere ?