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  1. Single Action Po1 shopping list

    So I have been thinking about exact same project. But Was concerned about the gun fitting in the box . I think the over all size should ok but how about the thickness.
  2. 75 shadow vs SP01 shadow

    Nice. Thanks
  3. 75 shadow vs SP01 shadow

    Any pictures by any chance?
  4. 75 shadow vs SP01 shadow

    thank you for the information . I still consider my self a newbie in the CZ world . always loved 1911 and 75 reminds me of one . so I wondered.
  5. 75 shadow vs SP01 shadow

    what is the difference on the beaver tail grip.it looks the same? https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CZ-75-SHADOW-Custom-2014-Black-9mm-P3808.aspx And no FPB would make it illegal for IDPA correct?
  6. 75 shadow vs SP01 shadow

    Is the longer dust cover/rail the only difference ?
  7. Trigger weight?

    I hear you and thank you. Totally agree with it makes a lot of sense will do
  8. Trigger weight?

    Haha . I figured that but I started reading up and it seems like even federal themselves have different primers. Also did not know if others used there primers.
  9. Trigger weight?

    great thanks. this may sound like a stupid question but I have to ask. since I do not reload what manufacturers use federal primers ?
  10. Trigger weight?

    I have been dry firing and I am getting much better. Thanks
  11. Trigger weight?

    I totally agree but they are both need to be ordered and I cannot feel them until they are done. I think I am literally going to flip a coin. they are both top builders. almost the same price I cannot loose
  12. Trigger weight?

    So I have a CZ custom shadow. their is a about 3 plus lb between DA & SA . I am finally starting to take up the slack before the first shot (trigger prep). so that part is no problem, still having difficulty with one hand and when I am picking the gun of the table or something else . that is why I was thinking maybe get something that is a bit more consistent. And maybe I am just talking out of my @$$. LOL
  13. Trigger weight?

    yup. well I should say think so. from the conversations I had with both.
  14. Trigger weight?

    the options are two different custom builders both are great and the trigger is the only major difference
  15. Trigger weight?

    So I am considering a new build sp01shadow . It will be used for IDPA and production. If you had two options on trigger which would you choose. 1. DA 6.5 lb. SA 2lb Or 2. DA 5 LB SA 2.12 lb Thanks