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  1. Looking forward to this one! Love the high round count... with an average of 35 rounds per stage! Looking forward to some fast and dirty blasting.
  2. The May match results and The Series standings have been corrected, with percentage based on total POINTS. Evidently, the first time around, the scores were entered into an older version of our scoring program, that had an error in the formula. Our apologies for the mistake. It appears that it made quite a substantial difference for a few shooters. See you all on June 24 at Wildcat. RZ
  3. The results from May 13's match at ACC are now posted on IndianaMultiGun.com and can be found under Results. The Point Series Standings have also been updated, and can be found under INMG Point Series. Thanks to Jon, Tony, Spencer, Corey, and all the others who helped make the match happen. Our next match, INMG Series Event #4, will be June 24 at Wildcat. Thanks again, RZ
  4. Always happy to help. Really wish you wouldn't have had the trouble with the gun in the first place... but like Jack always says, "It could be worse..." RZ
  5. Results from Sunday's match at Wildcat have been posted on IndianaMultigun.com. Thanks again to all those involved. See you all at ACC on May 13 for the next INMG Series event. RZ
  6. Scores from March 11th's MultiGun match at ACC are now posted on IndianaMultigun.com.
  7. That looks promising! What would happen when somebody hits the upright with a 9mm carbine, though?
  8. Atlanta Conservation Club MultiGun August 14: 5 stages. Max distance is 35 yards. IMA style rules. The club website is a clunkler. For all the info available there and then some, check out indianamultigun.com. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Thanks to all who attended for what turned out to be a really fun match. Scores from Sunday's MultiGun match at ACC are now posted on IndianaMultiGun.com under Results. Special thanks again to Dale Shultz, Jeff Stanch, and Larry Hoskins for Setting up the stages on Saturday. More help is always needed, guys. Please chip in next time on Saturday, if at all possible, if even just for an hour. Also, if you have an idea for a stage, please let us know. We'd be more than happy to let you design and set up a stage. This is an "outlaw" match, so as long as its safe, the only limitation is the stage designer's imagination. The same goes for props. Jeff Stowers donated the V-Tac 9-Hole barricade towards the end of last season. If anyone has a prop that they'd like to build, please let me know. I for one would love to see a breaching door. If you don't know what that is, it's a door prop that you blow the "lock" off of before entering. The "lock" is typically a piece of 1x2 or similar. Needless to say, it's really cool. Another special thanks to the Ron Cooper, Jon Furman, Adam Lux, and Bill Patton for stepping up as ROs. There always seems to be a shortage of ROs, and the same guys few always seem to step up and take the role. It would be really nice once in a while for these guys to just come out and shoot a match. You all have Jon Furman to thank for the hard cover... I'm making it known that I didn't put out one stinkin' piece of it... the no shoots, however were all me. Thanks to see you at the next match INMG club event, Speed Shotgun at Riley Conservation Club, June 25. Please check the schedule on IndianaMultiGun.com for additional scheduled INMG matches. Thanks again!
  10. Come out and join us for ACC’s MultiGun match Sunday, 6-12-11. It will be a fun and challenging test of your rifle, handgun, and shotgun skills. We are planning on 5 courses of fire. MATCH DATE: Sunday June 12, 2011 Registration: 9:00AM Shooters' Meeting: 9:45 AM Match starts immediately following shooters' meeting RULES: Indiana Multi-Gun Rules Please see our website, IndianaMultiGun.com for more info. MATCH FEE: $25 for Nonmembers, $20 for members, $10 for juniors with paid adult. Half off for ROs. Half off for Saturday Set Up Crew. SET-UP: Set-up will be on Saturday before the match. This Saturday, we will get started around 2:00. Please let us know if you can help, even if only for an hour. The more help we get from volunteers, the better the matches will be! Approximate Minimum Round count: Rifle – 53 Handgun - 51 Birdshot – 36 Slug – 8 I recommend that you bring double the numbers above for the ammo that you bring to the match. You can always take ammo back home with you, but running out at the match is a bummer! Here is a breakdown of the proposed stages: Stage 1 – 8 Slug, 26 Handgun Stage 2 - 22 Birdshot Stage 3 - 16 Handgun, 5 Birdshot, 8 Rifle Stage 4 - 36 Rifle Stage 5 – 9 Rifle, 9 Handgun, 9 Birdshot This month you will need to be able to carry enough shotgun shells to finish a 22-round course. So please plan accordingly. If you shot one of our Multi-Gun matches before, you can expect this match’s difficulty level to be similar. If haven’t shot one of our Multi-Gun matches, you may find this match to be somewhat more demanding than your typical USPSA or IDPA club pistol match— expect some shots to be a bit more technically demanding, and some shooting positions to be a bit more awkward physically. It will benefit you to know the point of impact (POI) of all 3 of your guns, from contact distance out to approximately 25 yards. Half-scale paper targets will be used for rifle. We often implement NewBold synthetic targets for rifle, which will equate to 8 MOA or larger at our distances. Know your shotgun pattern, as there will be some steel no-shoot plates placed in close proximity to shoot targets. Please see our website, IndianaMultiGun.com for more info. NOTE: that all matches at AtlantaCC are conducted under a COLD RANGE as per USPSA rules. All guns must be either holstered (or bagged) at all times, unloaded, hammer down, with no magazine inserted. Long guns should remain bagged, or in a rack with an open action, and/or an "empty chamber indicator" (flag) in place. It is the shooter's responsibility to ensure that the muzzle of any gun is never pointed in an unsafe direction. You may only handle your gun only at the direction of the range officer (RO), or in the designated "safe areas." You may not handle any ammunition or loaded magazines in the safe areas. Violation of these or any other safety rules shall result in a match disqualification.
  11. For an out of state visitor, I'll bet the MD would let you shoot through on the last stage or two...saving an hour or more. Of course, shoot the match and head into town with us for "shooter's lunch" afterwards. (wings and a beer) You will enjoy shooting at C-ville. The stages quality usually makes it feel like shooting 5 stage state match. Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately my time will be too tight for post-match fraternizing. So, would you say matches are typically over by 1:00? 2:00? I've never shot a USPSA club match at PCSCI before, but I have shot a few of the MultiGun matches there and the stages have always been excellent. Hope to see you Saturday.
  12. I'll be in town and thinking I might be able to make this one. How long do these matches typically run?
  13. Results from Sunday's match are now available at IndianaMultiGun.com. Thanks again for everyone who came out. Special thanks to Adam, Ron, Dale, and Bill for stepping up and ROing. Thanks, RZ
  14. Big thanks to Dale, Mark, and Hudson for setting up 5 great looking stages. LOTS of steel guys... in the neighborhood of 150 pieces. Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. RZ
  15. I still need a few more people to help out with set up on Saturday. Please PM me if you can help out, even if just for an hour or so. We'll get started with set up around 12:00 Noon. Thanks, Ryan