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  1. 3 gun rule; shooting over a prop, now what

    With the barrels not anchored, wouldn't it be a reshoot on a prop failure? Course was altered by the shot. Just a thought.
  2. Mass brass drying process needed

    Oven at about 220 degrees. Been doing it for years. Drain the excess water and leave in for about 30 minutes then air cool and you are done. Excess water might need more time. I use muffin trays for rifle brass with the base up. I find the temperature doesn't affect brass and extra time souldn't hurt. Paul : -)#
  3. Hello From Lafayette Tn

    Good to have someone else on this board who can pronounce Lafayette correctly. I also live in Lafayette down off 10. Shoot me an email and let's talk. Paul : -)# Paulmwinters@nctc.com
  4. Fantastic! Hope to make this one now that things have slacked off. Missed it. Paul : -)#
  5. Rain

    Instead of spraying, get a gallon or so of poly, laquer, or other sealant and roll it on with a roller. The targets will turn a slightly darker brown and curl a little when you do only one side. Rolling the back as well will take the curl out. Pasters and masking take seem to stick on, but the masking tape can take a hard rain better in my experience. I use bags if that is all that is availablr, but it does slow down scoring and taping. Personally, I prefer to shoot non bagged targets, but it is a problem looking for any solution. Paul : -)#
  6. It took a while to recover, but it was a blast. Major cudos to Mission 22 for all they did. The team members worked hard in the heat to help keep things moving. It was hot and everyone kept an eye on each other and encouraged others to stay hydrated. Thanks to all involved, Another great day at the Rock! Paul : -)#
  7. Since playing Horner rules, is the shotgun tube restriction to hold no more than 8 round rounds for all shotguns in Tac divisions or automatically moved to open in play here? Paul : -)#
  8. Great match! Despite to swealtering heat, it went off well and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Brian Ray and Bryan Vaught for their designs and efforts. The golf cart stage was as fun as ever and, given how many drivers couldn't stay on the road, maybe a 4x4 course with a jeep would be a good idea. Having a team on our squad playing War's 'Low Rider' at full volume as they ran was hillarious. It was great seeing everyone and smiles all around. It was a blast.....Literally. Paul : -)#
  9. Even through all the rain, it was a good match. Thanks for having it. Now, about the weather next month? Paul : -)#
  10. Looking forward to it. Paul : -)#
  11. Invictus Practical vs Carbon Arms shell holders

    Kevin Pratt and Invictus is local for me and I have worked with him at his location of business, Yes, I do use Invictus products. Had a quad belt rig break (my fault for laying on it). It was repaired free of charge. A lot of choices, but I am quite happy with Invictus over others I have tried. Try as much as you can and see. From my perspective +1 for Invictus. Paul : -)#