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  1. Troy Battlerails

    I recently installed the 13 inch rifle length Viking Tactics version that I bought from CPWSA: Handguard link (Chris Patty is an outstanding person to buy from, BTW) It went over a JP low profile adjustable gas block and middy 16 inch barrel. The gas adjustment screw is accessible thru the slot in front of it. Compared to my friends' JP handguards, I'd say it's a bit lighter. That's just by feel, however. I've haven't been able to take actual weight measurements yet. Diameter-wise, I'd say it's smaller. I have no complaints so far, but I've only shot it off the bench to check POI. I still need to shoot it in a match. But it definitely feels great. Gordo
  2. Reporting as ordered, sir... PM in-bound. Kyle... is this the a**hole you shot with...?
  3. First time tumbling brass..

    Recommend using dryer sheets in the tumbler with the media, too. Seems to help keep the media cleaner and reduce dust. Read about this in some of the other threads, tried it, and it does seem to help. YMMV, of course. And my brass smells spring time fresh after tumbling.
  4. What bullet to use for Single Stack?

    Montana GOld 185 JHP + N320.
  5. I also recommend Vit's loading manual: http://www.lapua.com/index.php?id=850
  6. Mag changes

    With Limited I look for a gap or transition to another bank of targets that gives me room to execute a reload. I always want to go into the next bank/engagement with the gun full, up and level with my face and muzzle pointing in their direction (w/o breaking the 180) when I get there. I also do this with Limited 10 and Production. The key for me is to keep busy preparing, moving and setting up for the next engagement during the course of fire, so my reloads are generally dictated by the gaps between target(s) engagements and the amount of rounds in those banks. I generally don't count rounds as I'm shooting, I just usually make sure I do my reloads during those gaps/transitions.
  7. New Gun or Reload Press?

    Excellent advice. I recommend the Dillon 550.
  8. Ken, would you happen to have a contact name and number for their 3-gun matches? I'd like to try going to one. Gordo Great minds think alike, but you post faster than me I was thinking the same thing. Curtis Is this the same Curtis who lay waste to multiple semi auto shotgunners at my last man-on-man shotgun shoot-off at EAPS with his pump gun...???
  9. Ken, would you happen to have a contact name and number for their 3-gun matches? I'd like to try going to one. Gordo
  10. New plater in town

    Just had my BHP done by Daniel (DMH). What can I say... it's AWESOME! He did mine with a satin finish. I love how the Cobalt plating color came out on my pistol, slightly darker than hard chrome with just barely a tint of blue. (to my eyes, anyway) Absolutely gorgeous finish. Thank you, Daniel! I'll post again after I finish abusing... err, I mean testing the plating with my sweat and general neglect. It's been cooking in my car parked in the sun with a generous coating of my sweat for a couple days. So far, nada. Nothing. It's like the Cobalt plating just doesn't care. I 've had fellow shooters claim I could rust plastic... Gordo
  11. Two piece guide rod

    Crusher, can one also do this with a tungsten 2 piece guide rod? I have one in my SVI I would like to convert into a one piece GR.
  12. yeah... I saw it, too. but I'm not sure what to say about it being featured in that way, though...
  13. Posting this per match director Neil Allen's request: The new dates for the 2005 Louisiana Gator Classic in Thibodaux, La. are October 28th, 29th, 30th. Contact Neil Allen jmeltd@bellsouth.net or Gary & Barbara Thibodaux gatbullets@cajunnet.com with any questions you may have.
  14. Your favorite 40 caliber load (major)

    4.8 N320 180 MG JHP 1.138" OAL .420" crimp WSP mixed brass Two SV Infinity standard dust-covers w/Schuemann barrels, tungsten guide rods. Makes about 168-169 PF out of both pistols. Groups tend to range 1" to 1.5" @ 25yds. Softest load I've found, yet. (Titegroup also works well, but has sharper felt recoil to me)
  15. Lubricant

    FP10... (Scooter-Pooter, how ya doin'? Missed you at the 3-gun in New Iberia... had to work again?)