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  1. Fixed my concentricity issues

    That should work ok. Sinclair makes a great mandrel sizing set up that helps a lot with run out. standard dies can bend the necks quite a bit when the generically dimensioned sizing ball is inserted during resizing, and then violently dragged out. During both operations the neck is unsupported. I like the M-die for cast bullets. Now I will have to try it with jacketed. Just to satisfy curiosity
  2. pcc options

    Not to hijack the thread, but I am interested in reliable references on building a 9mm PCC. I have done 5.56 and have the tools. Piece of cake because I could just follow the Army 24&p manual i have no no idea what is good or bad with the PCC THANKS
  3. Jet loaders

    Thanks Pete. I will call them
  4. Jet loaders

    Who sells Jet Loaders for S&W revolvers? Brownells no longer lists them. I am trying to replace some "lost" items. Thanks -John
  5. My first home build PPC revolver

    Looks great! Love the Aristocrat rib!
  6. Thanks Kevin. I have used a very similar rings. I will buy those for my soon to arrive MATCHDOT for the S&W 686 built by the great revolver guy in Kansas City area.
  7. Looking to get into shotshell reloading

    Rogers Sporting Goods right now. Free shipping on orders of $100 makes it affordable. The price of shot is the killer right now. Shot alone is over $4.00 for a box of shells, maybe more of less depending on where you source your shot. My local walmart sells gun club 13 gauge shells for $5.20 a box. I can't load them for that.
  8. Why the Apex Hammer?

    Looking good! I have a couple j frames that could use a tune up kit. And maybe an i frame hand ejector. Just for fun!
  9. Looking to get into shotshell reloading

    I have been using MEC presses for about 25 years. Their progressive presses are simply superb. They don't show up on the used market often because they just run forever. Easy to find MEC single stage presses for about 1/2 of new retail. They are good, reliable tools. Just slow. Texan and Ponsness-Warren are older designs that come up often. Parts can be hard to find for them. I suggest saving up for a 9000G MEC or equivalent Green or Blue Machine. They are worth the cost. I've been told Green and Blue can be tedious to set up, but have no experience. MEC are gauge specific machines, so if you load all 4 gauges for skeet you will want at least 2 machines for the expensive small gauges. 12 and 20 gauge shells can be bought in bulk for less than you can buy component, unless you want a special load. Hope this helps
  10. Jeremy, did Kevin happen to say which model of the sun optics rings he likes? They appear to make a wide variety for 30mm
  11. Thanks for all the input. I just ordered a Matchdot 2. It should work just fine. Niw to find rings...
  12. Thanks Jeremy. I like the 1" Ultradot for Bullseye. I got it because that's what most guys at my club were using. A few used other dots, but not many. My wad gun has a slide mounted dot. The Ultradot held up well to the violence from the 45. It didn't hold up well to government storage and movers while I was in Korea. Waiting to see what else might have been damaged if our next two shipments ever arrive. Ahh, the joys of government service.... Since you and Warren recommend the Ultradot 2, that's what I will get. I'm sure it will work great on my 686 built by the best revolver guy in the Midwest. ? I sure hope he brings a competition hammer kit to market soon!! I would buy a few. I will ill look into the sun optics rings. I have been using Burris low rings for Bullseye. The Ultradot rings just aren't very good.
  13. Thanks Warren. I trust your opinion.
  14. Jeremy Thanks for your comments. Why do you prefer the Matchdot 1 to the Matchdot 2? I havent used either. My ultradot is one of the originals, a 1" tube borrowed off my bullseye wad gun. I think ultradot is the choice for me right now. Just cant justify the expense of Trijicon. The difference in price would buy a season of bullets. Trigger time is where i should focus my budget right now. I too have developed a mild astiggmatism with age. And mild cross dominance. Getting old is not for sissies.
  15. Thanks to all for comments. Looks like the Ultradot is still the budget favorite. Is their an "equipment survey" published for the last couple of cups? That might be helpful to some...