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  1. I didn't say USPSA couldn't do it. I said you have to have two match entries if you want Production and Limited Classifier scores. The club gets charged for every entry. If the local club wants to eat the cost...that is up to them.
  2. Canik TP9 SFX issue

    Since we are talking about Canik 9sfx optic issues.... I bought one and my intent was to mount RTS2. According to the advertisements, it has four adapter plates fitting just about every micro red dot on the market. The manual included with the gun says Plate # 3 fits C-more and like. NOPE, not so. It is impossible to use the #3 plate or any other plate for a C-more RTS2. I emailed and called customer service. I was very specific about what the problem was. I even included a picture. I was contacted in a reasonable amount of time and again was quite clear about the impossible fit. They sent me all the stupid paperwork to sign and I returned it promptly. I received a new plate in about 6 or 7 days. Cool, I'm happy with the service and response. I open the package and it is the EXACT same plate. The tech spoke great English, so I know it was not a language barrier thing.. Now I am frustrated and pissed. A lot of wasted time!!!!
  3. I don't believe you will find a "rule" that spells it out. It is all about how the classification system file is read. You have to have match entries in different Divisions or it would just read whatever Division is assigned to the match entry. You have to create a second entry and the system charges the club for processing another classifier score and the re-shoot is not computed for match score (placement). Reason why most clubs charge for a classifier re-shoot.
  4. You could just sign up for Limited minor and use your production equipment, but your scores are going to count towards Limited. As far as using one classifier for both Divisions, no you have to have two entries in the file submitted to USPSA- one for Limited and one for production. That translates to two match entries. Local club would dictate the rules of cost for two match entries. The club gets charged for every match classifier entry submitted and for each classifier submitted.
  5. Both options have pros and cons. I would sell the top end or even keep it and have a new open top end fit. Why? A lot of labor cost is involved in trigger jobs, not mention all new parts. You might be able to snag a barrel deal on here. If not, a new slide and barrel designed the way you want on the frame and grip you like--is a better way to go. Comps/barrels are given away on prize tables all the time. I believe you will lose more money selling the limited and starting from scratch on a new open. A used open has to many possible hidden problems.
  6. svi vs Atlas Titan

    We try to keep crap like that OFF of Enos... do you ever think to yourself..may be that doodie post is just plain wrong and I should not be perpetuating something I can't verify as truth...... Your damaging a business reputation by linking to that post. Do you know if that post is really true?
  7. svi vs Atlas Titan

    I edited out your link.... i read that guys post. He obviously doesn't know much about extractors namely Aftec. I've talked to Adam numerous times.....never that kind of response. I have a friend who just got a custom 40 from Atlas and loves the gun. Adam worked with him on a bullet feeding issue and never developed an attitude.
  8. svi vs Atlas Titan

    It is amazing how the slide feels. That is the first thing I noticed when my buddy got his Atlas and I checked it out. I have nothing but respect for Atlas guns. Adam is great guy to work with also.
  9. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Nothing wrong with a competent local smith, but Atlas is awesome. Adam's support is top-notch. His 40s are just awesome. I do not get any kickbacks from Atlas....You will not be disappointed going with Atlas.
  10. AFTEC 38SC & 38S

    9 or 38SC will run if it is a 9/38 AFTEC. There are two versions and one is for 38 super. I would not rely on 38 super or 38tj running on the 9/38 version. I run 38sc and 9 -both run great.
  11. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Interesting--what was the load?
  12. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Quote "I've seen a lot of 9mm guns blow up or fail at matches," Are these 9 Major guns or you referring to or just 9 mm guns in general. Makes a world of difference. I have probably shot 100k of 9 major and I mean 9 major. I run barrel holes and load 115s with a lot of powder. I limit my brass to what I shot at my indoor range or once fired. Never had a case separation. Lucky may be. I have witnessed numerous production 9mm guns destroyed by the owner who double double charged or no powder and sent another round down the barrel with a squib in front. To each his own, but 9 major is just as safe as 38SC.
  13. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Me too. I get enough procedurals for have a lazy rear foot.
  14. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    First, I did "tell it straight" -- I was charged $176 for 1000. I called Starline this morning and it seems many folks made the same choice I did, (2) 500 packs (not realizing there is a drop down for a 1000) which charges you more than (1) 1000 option. They are refunding me the difference. Thank you for information. The price is still $149 per 1000 plus $3 shipping insurance. So, really $152 per 1000