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  1. Small pistol primers.

    Cabelas has them available for order online. I think you can have your order sent to the store near you.
  2. Grip for a 929

    I own 2 sets of the Big Butt w/ S&W X frame grips as the core. Cut the finger grooves down and reshape as you like. Great grip. +10 Thanks Pat and Houge Grips!!
  3. Reseating primers on loaded cartridges?

    You can get them from Cabela's. Order them and they will come. Yes there's hazmat fee. Order in groups of 5K.
  4. Reseating primers on loaded cartridges?

    Try double seating the primer when you install it. The primer will absorb energy from the firing pin/striker seating the primer to the bottom in the pocket before it goes bang. They should be .008-.010" below the flush. It's done (double seating the primer) all the time in revo world. I use Fed SPP.
  5. Bayou bullets free shipping 1-10 cases

    Thanks for letting us know.
  6. The site won't remember my login info from visit to visit or when I refresh any page. I can not get on the support page to ask for help, either.

    I have to start the registration process over each time w/ a new password.

    Thanks for you time and help.

    Thanks for the Forum. I have to start the registration process over each time.


    A close friend talked to the importer/distributor (Accurate) and was told the above info a couple of years ago. That's why I moved on. Call or email Accurate and ask them.
  8. Racemaster insert fit with new revolvers.

    As Nick posted above, Saul says that very thing on one of his videos about fitting the insert, "All guns trigger guards are not the same from the same manufacturer. They require some fitting" and he tells and shows how. I had to make an adjustment to the new magnetic insert I put in for N frames(627PC). The locking tab was a little too tight for me. It's not now. I love the holster. It's very comfortable and adjustable.

    Solo 1000 was discontinued several years ago. Had TOO much powder from the vendor (had 2 different cargo ship loads) they couldn't sell because of it's inconsistent burn. Same thing happen to the Solo 1250. Made lots of people sad.
  10. Light Primer Strikes

    I got some from Cabela's a couple of months ago. They were on and still are backorderable. Took about 3 months to get. They're taking backorders now.
  11. S&W 627 Pro brass/moon clip combination?

    I bought some from Cabela's on back order. Took 3 months to get. They are taking backorders now.
  12. Strange Problem loading new starline brass...

    Remember, there's a set screw on the ram to hold the shell plate bolt where you set it.
  13. Ramshot Competition for 9mm

    Can you post some pics of your primers? v1911 is right, the Feds are the softest cups. Thai's why Revo shooters use them. Before you dump the powder, try some factory Fed and look at their primers and/or try a different manufacture of primer, Win, CCI etc.
  14. Need gunsmithing help

    A piece of plate glass 3/8 or thicker, 1/4 will work, from your glass man. He can make the edges square. Used is best. Makes a very good poor man's surface plate.
  15. 9mm/Super Moonclips

    What caliber are you looking for moon clips for, 9 or .38? What brass are you going to use?