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  1. 38 Super Double Stack Magazine Loader

    Not specifically for 38 super, but still interesting.
  2. Time vs hits

  3. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    Not really an add on blast shield but Everglades Ammo makes a mount with a blast shield for a DPP. http://www.evergladesammo.com/shooting-accessories/optics/ega-deltapoint-pro-scope-mount.html
  4. Dropped my open gun

    What? The cover behind the battery cover retains the diode.
  5. Grip tape

    No Appendix E4
  6. Magnetic pouch not holding

    Not all stainless steels are magnetic.
  7. Prescription TR45 lenses

    If you have the option the, TR45. Op was looking for prescription and unfortunately the Tr45 isn't available in a prescription lens. Red or rose base are usually what people like to use for shooting. The TR45 is an orange base and the Trail is a grapefruit. I actually really like the Trails for shooting. I don't like a dark lens and I looked through all the Prizm lenses available in prescription and these seemed the best to me.
  8. Prescription TR45 lenses

    The Trail tint is supposed to increase contrast of varying shades of browns and greens, which most ranges are. I like them equally as much as the TR45.
  9. Prescription TR45 lenses

    I checked with Oakley over the winter and the answer was no. I went with the Prizm Trail prescriotion lens. They are about the same light transmission.
  10. shooting glasses & ansi etc ratings

  11. Blue Bullets in Open Gun

  12. Cmore mount screws?

    Shooter Connection carries the screws.
  13. Precision Delta or Montana Gold

    Mainly because there is no exposed lead base on the jhp's. Won't lead up the comp on the open guns.
  14. Safe Table

    that sounds pretty lame and lazy to me to have such a small box. we have fault lines that go all the way around the table. probably more like 7' by 5'. You can fit 3 people in there.sounds to me like if you only have a box in front of the table (and not enclosing the table), then the gun may be getting handled outside of that box. If it's the safe table I'm thinking about there it's only a 2x2 table maybe. 3x3 box is definitely big enough for the one I'm thinking of It was the table that was in between stages 9 & 10