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  1. Solo 1250 - Load suggestions / leads

    Finally found some info. Old 2003 Accurate Load Data booklet. Looks like 17.7 of 1250 will give me the load I want. http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/FIREARMS/2003guide.pdf Thanks. Shotshell loads start on page #45
  2. Solo 1250 - Load suggestions / leads

    Just inherited 9 lbs of SOLO 1250 shotgun powder. (8 sealed & 1 open) Cannot find any current load data. Older Burn Charts put it next to International Clays. Any suggestions? Some sights suggest use the Intl Clays data & back off 2 grains to start. Just want to build 1 1/8 target loads 1100 ~ 1145 fps
  3. Sandbaggers

    But don't forget HQ does use Major MATCH Results also when calculating Classifications. If your match scores are a "B" percentage and you are classified as "C", you can be bumped into "B" via the USPSA-President.
  4. Crown on 12ga shell

    Deleted. Posted on wrong topic.
  5. THE INVOICES ARE HERE ! THE INVOICES ARE HERE! Got my Invoice this afternoon & PAID IT !!!.
  6. Dennis:

    I have three Olympic 10mm mags (good for long-loaded 40s), and one 40 cal magazine I would love to sell. Half price!


  7. Rainer 135gr 40.

    How do you prefer payment?  PayPal?,   Postal Money Order?

    I can do what ever method you prefer.

    Thank You.

    Dennis Ford     FY-36784

    23-D Happy Hollow Circle

    Stratford, CT.  06614

  8. Ghost holster replacement springs

    Thank you for all the help. Will give them a call.
  9. Ghost holster replacement springs

    No, it's not the ball spring, it the toggle piece for the trigger guard (opposite the spring Can't draw an arrow to point out exactly which part I am trying to show.
  10. Greetings,


    Quick question on reloading 38 Shorts - friend has a 38 short pistol but we cannot find dies to reload for it.


    Thank you,

    Dennis Ford


    1. Dennis (CT)

      Dennis (CT)

      forgot to ask  :rolleyes::  What dies are you using?

  11. Ghost holster replacement springs

    It is a Super Ghost Holster, forgot to include that.
  12. Anyone have a source for ghost holsters springs? Wore out / broke the top 'toggle' spring & it came out in pieces when i unscrewed the cover scres Also want to change the bottom steel ball spring while i have it apart too. Thanks.
  13. Worked on my wifes trigger....causing her DQ

    But deafening silence on the ride home?
  14. What is your "scrap brass" list

    A-Merc brass ~ Run from it. Took me over 2 hours to load 400 pcs on a 650. Kept getting stuck on the powder drop. Thought I was changing lug nuts on a tire when trying to lift the handle back up. I was warned to stay away from A-Merc but did not listen. S&B Revolver brass - Rim too thick to fit Dillon shell plate. This I just dump in the range scrap bucket GLF - many refer to it as: Good F****** Luck that it does not rupture. I have had them rupture.