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  1. Why is my bolt sticking in my AR15?

    What lube are you using? Running it wet or dry? What's the temperature out when you are having problems. The easiest and least expensive thing to try is a different lube and run the bolt wet.
  2. Poor Dry Fire procedure

    So he used some books as a backstop. It begs the question, did his homemade backstop fail to catch the bullets or did he miss his backstop? If the books do stop his bullets, how many times did he practice before he finally missed the books and scared the crap out of his neighbors by punching holes in the walls?
  3. Glock mag extensions

    Definitely worth a try. Do you think running long springs in long extensions is harder on the springs than in shorter mags? This one didn't really last all that long.
  4. Resizing Issues

    Would it be possible to run a few factory rounds through the gen to verify its not a gun or magazine related problem?
  5. USPSA, new PPC rules

    If the USPSA rule does change, it will not affect the rules for UML or outlaw matches. They will continue to be used.
  6. USPSA, new PPC rules

    Unless something changed recently, you are OK. Couplers attached two magazines side by side. Tim even renamed his couplers to magazine splices to avoid further confusion. What you have is a magazine extension made out of another magazine plus a Taccom splice.
  7. Glock mag extensions

    I have an MBX mini (47 rd) extension purchased around Thanksgiving. For the first few months it ran 100% and got lots of use. Last two outings it failed to feed the first 3 rounds when fully loaded. Tried two different PCC's with the same results. Sounds like it may be a spring problem? They are Wolf springs and should last a season. Its a good looking extension and I like how it breaks down for cleaning, but I need to figure this out before I will use it in another match.
  8. Life of an open gun

    My first open gun in 9 Major (9x21) had over 75k rounds through it when it was retired. Still has the original slide (Caspian) and barrel (Nowlin). Only thing replaced other than springs was the hammer, sear, and disconnector. Accuracy was beginning to suffer so I upgraded.
  9. USPSA RO Recertification Exam on USPSA website?

    It was working a few weeks ago.. I re-certified right at the end of January. Hopefully it will be back up for the folks that need to take the test before the end of the month.
  10. Every time I buy a new gun I tell myself its an investment. But when it comes a good time to sell, I just can't do it. I've only sold one gun that was purchased with the intent of selling in the future. Bought an H&K 91 (.308) in 1982. Shot half a box through it and hated it. Cleaned and stored in the safe for 32 years. Actually made a profit when it sold.
  11. whacky diet my Dr made me do for the ole ticker...

    I'd gladly pay a grand a month on steaks instead of insulin.
  12. Need help fixing arm shaking problem

    An exercise that I did was hold a broom handle vertically in front of me with the top end touching the ceiling. You will push the handle upwards to build strength. I'd rotate from SHO to WHO to both hands. At matches if I notice I'm getting the shakes coming on I know its from low blood sugar. I keep some fruit filled breakfast bars handy for such occasions.
  13. You guys recall shooting dueling trees pre 2002?

    Same as Dr. Phil. Memories only. I shot at a club in West Texas that had a dueling tree in the 80's. I was a member from 1985 - 1989.
  14. Bolt, buffer, and springs......

    Now its time to buy another PCC and leave your match gun alone. I've written down all the specs on my match gun should any parts need to be replaced in the future but other than a good cleaning after each match, I'm done playing with it. It will stay as it is with no further modifications. Experiment all you want with the second gun (that's half the fun) and maybe someday it will be even better than the first gun. (Have you ever heard of better justification to buy another gun?)
  15. Courtesty (or lack thereof) at Club Matches

    The RO says get used to it? Then the time I would take to "make ready" would be sufficiently long enough for the crowd to finally quiet down. The RO doesn't like it? Then he/she should get used to it.