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  1. 550 primer seating

    Did you try seating some Federal primers into the 9mm brass? My 550 is older than your's and still going strong.
  2. 550 primer seating

    What brand primers are you loading? I recently picked up some S&B small pistol primers. Roughly 2% do not want to seat properly. None of the brass is crimped so I think its a case where the S&B primers are slightly larger diameter than the CCI and Winchester primers I normally use.
  3. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    Did not know these existed. Added to my wish list. Will get one and switch it out if and when the original match catch fails. Do you have a link for this part? The only one I see on the Seekins website if MIM.
  4. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    Goal was not to pre-load the spring but reduce rearward movement of the bolt. Allowing the bolt to only clear the bolt catch by a little over 1/4" has kept the catch intact. The AR-9 is reported to be tough on bolt catches. OOPS, Xanantos903 has already responded ( and done so better than I did).
  5. AR platforms

    Good to know. I've never tried running a carbine buffer in a rifle tube so never really thought about it. Makes perfect sense.
  6. AR platforms

  7. Mag polishing?

    To scrub inside of the Ruger magazines I run a .22LR mop on a pistol cleaning rod. Just the right size. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0048KI3SY/ref=twister_dp_update?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Mag polishing?

    I've never used a wet tumbler so don't really know if that would work or not. I only ran the magazine bodies through the tumbler. My thoughts were it would clean out any gunk left in manufacture that I was not getting out with a clean rag and some CLP. It might also knock off any metal burrs left by the factory. I do this periodically with all my metal magazine bodies, especiall SVI 2011 mags
  9. Mag polishing?

    Do you reload? If you have a vibratory case cleaner you could disassemble the magazines and let them run for an hour or so. Are the magazines aftermarket or are they Ruger manufactured? I picked up a half dozen "Ruger" magazines a while back (also for a Mk II) and after a good cleaning, they all run without problems.
  10. Clubs that dont submit Classifiers

    How late can clubs turn in classifiers? Is there a time limit? How late is too late?
  11. Magazines

    I do the same with a Barney magazine (only one round in the mag) but I don't bother with the press check. If the bullet is not in the magazine, its gotta be in the chamber. Plus the press check adds one more movement that could cause problems. I don't know if its ever happened, but doing a press check and the slide not going fully into battery concerned me. So far, no magical disappearing bullets. The Barney is empty and the gun goes bang when I pull the trigger.
  12. Reaming a .223 Muzzle Break to 9mm.

    I apologize for being so late (life happens and it sometimes takes a lot of time) but wanted to again thank mscott for reaming my stainless steel comps from .223 to 9mm. He did a beautiful job and they look great on the gun. Thank you sir. Bill
  13. The Mental Game and Alzheimer's

    Thank you for the information.
  14. The Mental Game and Alzheimer's

    Not asking for medical advice but is there a recommended dosage?
  15. I think the next day shipping requirement was only for pistols and pistol receivers. Correct? If he was shipping a rifle lower, could it ship cheaper? Bill