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  1. Like A Ram!

    lighten up...francis FLEX
  2. Worn Out Barrel?

    Well Dererk from Millennium has the gun now. He said the chamber was worn from it being reamed to deep and the head space was way off. thanks to all who replied!
  3. Worn Out Barrel?

    The accuracy is still there, and the rifling still looks good. This is a 38supercomp gun. The only thing that is going on is I have to us alot more powder (almost a a full grain in some cases). an example of this is when using 7625 I needed 7.3 last February, by October I was at 8.1 to make the same 170 pf. I also started blowing primers at this point (reason for the powder switch). Frank
  4. Worn Out Barrel?

    The question is, if you think a barrel can be worn out after only 70K rounds? It is a 5.5 Schuemann AET Barrel (.355) with 2 TJ holes and a 7 port comp. As of last night my load is 9.6 gr of vv 3N38 behind a MG 124 JHP with OAL of 1.245 with a pretty tight crimp. This gives me a power factor of 166.2. I have given my rounds to other open shooter that run the same comp and TJ holes and there power factor is around 7 to 10 points higher. Also they don't have a 2 foot flame coming out their TJ holes. I have had to increase my powder drop and have even changed powders trying to resolve this problem. I have also tried to Zero's and go up in bullet diameter to a .356 with now real change in power factor or decrease in flame. Frank