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  1. Gary Stevens

    Thanks to all of you. Today is my sons birthday (38) we went rifle shooting and had a great day. Time is a very valuable commodity.
  2. Tweeking eyeglasses per stage design

    You might consider Carry Optics as it can be the answer for tired eyes.
  3. Do uprange starts really add anything to a stage?

    Since one division has zero effect on another, where is the problem whatever PCC does?
  4. Unload d start

    IMO, if the WSB only says mags on table, as long as the mag isn't inside or physically touching the gun it is good to go. Some visible space would be required.
  5. Unload d start

    Slide rackers that are attached to the gun before the first shot and remain attached to the gun throughout the match are ok. That question was settled a while ago.
  6. Definition/Description of "Bagged"

    I like it!!!
  7. Definition/Description of "Bagged"

    Nope, nice try though:) We have to block that trigger. Perhaps, gorilla tape could substitute.
  8. Definition/Description of "Bagged"

    Mandatory trigger locks. If clear, hammer down, apply trigger lock.
  9. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    There is one flaw in your logic. It is up to the RO who issues the DQ to make the case for the DQ. It is not up to the RM to testify in an arbitration proceeding, that would be up to the RO that issued the DQ. We don't DQ people for what we think they did, only what we know they did.
  10. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I didn't see anything in 9.1.3 about assigning procedural penalties to anyone. Just saying.
  11. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    You will probably never be able to positively tell. I've been in this sport for 39 years, many of them as RO-CRO-RM and for a while RMI and Area 5 Director for 9 years. Now that by its self means little. However, it provides a historical knowledge base to draw upon. I cannot remember a penalty of any sort being applied for prematurely pasting a target until this thread. I think there is a reason for that.
  12. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    There is a difference between intentional acts and a mental error. I've been in on rule making for USPSA and I believe if they wanted a penalty for the action we are discussing they would have clearly and definitely said so. You should be be able to look the shooter in the eye tell them what they did without scanning the rule book and applying interpretations to asses a penalty.
  13. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Guys you are grasping at straws, imo. Safest bet is to not paste at all. Is that what the MD and RM really want?
  14. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I don't think I have seen a rule quoted that allowed for the procedural penalty. Can anyone quote one? I mean an actual rule, not just because I say so.
  15. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Often it happens when the RO crew deviate from a pattern of scoring. Sometimes heat and fatigue disrupt the thought process.. Sometimes humans will be human and make an honest mistake. And very rarely a dishonest person will rear their head. Whoops responded to to the wrong poster. Guess I'll get a procedural for that.