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  1. Bart, if you decide you want to trade her off let me know.....
  2. Spend the money to get a diesel, and it absolutely MUST have an Allison transmission. The Allison makes more difference than another 100HP in the engine and it will last.
  3. Chris Keen's Range Diary

    Way to go Chris!!!
  4. Holy crap

    It isn't right but that is how they all are, STI's as well. Or, more precisely, in my opinion the dovetail should be snug but current industry practice is not to make the dovetail tight. You can put a shim in the dovetail to snug it up.
  5. N320 with 200 gr. Montana Gold

    Your OAL is 10mm OAL, look at the 10mm data for charge weights at that length.
  6. Drill and Tap 2011 mag release

    Now Howard, that's not true, you've not tried them all The most important thing I've found is the stock STI spring doesn't last too long. I've replaced them with Wolff extra power mag catch springs, no more mag drop. LOL, might be true, I have spent the cost of a decent production rig on them though! Even with the extra power spring it is bang click F&$K! The closest I got was milling one down so that with the button on it the release was the same height as no button on a stock unit, then I ground the button down where it was just a small tab extending back and slightly up to cut down the reach for my thumb. I only dropped one mag in 150 rounds, but that is one more than I can accept.
  7. Shooting the bow

    And to really polish your form stretch the distance on windless days or days with a constant wind. When I was shooting a lot of 3D I shot almost all of my practice at 60-90 yards. Getting LONG really magnifies errors in form, and it saves a lot of wear and tear on the arrows. It forces you to think the shot off rather than making the shot go.
  8. Drill and Tap 2011 mag release

    They are harder than woodpecker lips. The good news is the end of the broken tap can be ground off flush and you can still use it LOL. I have drilled and tapped ONE, ruined the drill bit and the tap, plus it took me 20 minutes to get it done. No way that pays when I can buy one for $30. EDIT: The worst part about it was I put the button on and went to a steel match. Bang click F*$K!! Maybe it was just a bad grab, and I have a throw away run. Next run, bang click F&$K!!! Eating an empty chamber reload in a steel match is not a good thing. Took it off and threw it after shooting 3 more strings with my left hand barely touching the gun, ate another 3 or 4 seconds I didn't need to have added on. I have tried ALL of the buttons out there and I drop mags with all of them on a 2011. The funny part is on a single stack I can use a small button....
  9. Extra Long Firing Pins

    I run 17# mainsprings, rifle primers if seated always go bang with either an EE or Koenig hammer.
  10. Adjust your grip until it comes back where it should in windage.
  11. COAL Winchester (new) brass

    That is as good as you will get. I wouldn't trim, they get shorter every time they hit a sizing die. I'd load and shoot. .754" is the max, if they were longer you would need to trim.
  12. 2009 Nationals Predictions

    Watch out for Manny in Open and Limited, and it would be crazy to discount Ted in Limited.
  13. Manny Bragg

    From one great guy to another, hard to see a downside in this one. Both are fantastic guys and tremendous assets to the sport.
  14. Lee FCD vs. CasePro

    If you use the Case Pro and adjust your dies right the FCD part of the FCD will never ever touch another case that is in good condition. I want my case gauge to find the problems, I do not want to smash the problems into fitting the case gauge. I will use an FCD for one purpose, crimping autoloader bullets into revolver cases. It WILL crimp a cannelure into the bullet and prevent bullet pull without ruining the case or the bullet, that is the only use I have the FCD. Used otherwise it is a band-aid at best.
  15. Les Baer on moly coated bullets

    Moly IS hygroscopic. You HAVE been warned. What you do about it is up to you.