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  1. Need To Get Your Pictures Posted?

    Hi Kathy Email sent. GaryK.
  2. What Gun Do You Shoot In Ssp?

    yeah, that was me, how did you do in the match, and have you seen the DVD that was made?,,,,,,They did an outstanding job on the DVD of the match. I came in 17th in SSP, Ya' I saw the video. I was in it, I was standing at the line with the man v. man with the guy that works at ASC on ruffin rd that wears the Camo Kilt. And all of the way at the end of the 4x4 shoot ..They took a few Pic's of me I think like page #183 or so at stage #1..
  3. What Gun Do You Shoot In Ssp?

    Hey gent's I shot the SIG P226 in 9mm at the Prado State match... Hey Gunfighter ! Was that you I handed some Spare Mags to so you didn't run low for the 4x4 post shoot.? I was the 6'7'' guy with the glasses wearing the blue Sig Shirt.