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  1. novak rear sights.

    What size Dawson fiber front sight height are you using with the Novak rear sight that is .278 tall? Running 147gr. Bullets. First beretta. Thanks for any help.
  2. Sig P320

    Any word on a extended mag release.
  3. Fitting the RHS detent.

    Thanks, Stuart. Ordering it now.
  4. Fitting the RHS detent.

    Sorry, I don't know. They are the shadow thin safety.
  5. Fitting the RHS detent.

    Lost the detent that came with the gun when I was cleaning the gun last week. Ordered a new from cz put that in and yesterday the safety keep falling off during a match. I notice that the new detent just sits against it. I can push the safety out with my finger.
  6. Fitting the RHS detent.

    Does the right side detent have to be fitted where it goes in the groov of the safety?
  7. New sights for the P09

    Which front sight will work with the dawson rear. Dawson calls for a .155 but they only offer a .170 or .225. Which one for the cz p09? Never bought a cz, shot a few sp01 shadows but I have to say the p09 is the best feeling gun in a long time.
  8. Anyone use plated 147gr bullets

    147gr plated extremes. Great bullets. 3.2gr of N320 and out of the stock 34 barrel right at 865 fps super soft.
  9. TTI sights

    Went and ordered a set today. Will post some pictures.
  10. TTI sights

    Can anyone post pictures and dimensions. What you like about them compared to warren.
  11. 2013 Class Schedule

    Long shot! California?
  12. Glock- Shooter Ready

    Great video!!
  13. .40 minor with Clays

    Chronoed and shot a match today. Clays 2.6gr 180gr bear creek moly oal 1.130" Avg. 740 fps Soft and groups very nice.
  14. M&P extended mag release

    Same my showed up today.
  15. M&P extended mag release

    Thanks for the update.