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  1. Bullet feeders? Help me w/ my purchase

    Yes, they will work on a LNL.
  2. Bullet feeders? Help me w/ my purchase

    Mr. Bullet Feeder is the only one I’ve owned, but seems to be the favorite on here.
  3. DPP or RTS2

    I prefer the DPP mostly due to battery life. The DPP battery seems to last forever, but my RTS2 needs a new battery every month if it makes it that long. Mine is the V4 with 8moa dot. It’s never failed other than battery getting weak and luckily never during a match.
  4. Just happened to me yesterday. Been trying to sort them out, but one slipped by and got me yesterday. It was a stepped case from Ammo Load.
  5. MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    I just tried out my new Supreme Pros with gel cups tonight at the range and am anxious to use them this season. Firing 2 open guns (one with holes) and an AR with only muffs and no plugs I am a believer. I’m confident it is money well spent.
  6. I can’t see any advantage to using a scope. The micro red dots are perfect in my opinion. I’d rather have a vent rib and bead than a scope on a shotgun for multigun.
  7. I put together an AR with the purpose of shooting up my .40 ammo that I loaded for shooting Limited that I don’t do any more. It took a little tuning on the bolt to get it running right, but now it runs great with Glock mags. The NFA bolt was too long at the bottom the way it was shipped, so had to trim about .1” from it for reliable feeding. Recoil is similar to my 9mm rifles even with major ammo.
  8. https://www.dynamicshootingsports.us/
  9. PT Evo Little Trigger Guard Grip Screws

    I had to shorten them for the Infinity and PT Evo grips. I put a screw in one side and held it by that screw with vise grips while using a file to shorten. Doesn’t take much.
  10. USPSA.org website

    Can't log in for some reason. Anyone else having trouble?
  11. New Mark IV upgrade

    What sort of improvement did you gain in accuracy at 25 yards or so?
  12. Trubor minor?

    I run an 8# Wolff variable in my Trubor. 7# just wasn’t reliable
  13. 40s&w open...comp or just weight

    Never played with .40 open or just a barrel weight (I’m guessing you are talking about a barrel with a comp. blank installed?), but I know that with 9mm minor a comp make a big difference over a heavier gun. I have an Edge in 9mm and shooting minor through it vs. an Open gun there is a noticeable difference.
  14. SV or PT Evo grip

    SV for me. Have the SV Signatire on one pistol and thought I'd try the Evo on another. Mistake for me as they are definately different. I'll likely be selling the Evo and buy another SV grip.
  15. I tried a couple of Razors on Open guns frame mounted and they didn't like it. They would shut down when the gun was fired. Put piece of rubber band under battery terminal to tighten up connection and was marginally better. I used the warranty a couple of times and they replaced the dot with a new one each time, but new ones acted the same. Moved the Razor red dots to AR handguard and a shotgun where they are holding up just fine. Now I have 2 DPP dots and no problems. If they wouldn't hold up being frame mounted I would have serious doubts about puting them on a slide.