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  1. Homemade 3 gun carts

    Swivel front is the way to go. I have both and always take the one with the swivel front wheel.
  2. A local match had a 35 round stage a couple of years ago, but he allowed the shooter to place ammo on the barrels on the stage if desired because he knew not everyone could carry that many.
  3. I have a 45 degree Docter sight on one carbine set up for 3 gun with a variable power scope. I have another carbine with just a C More and no intentions of any additional sight.
  4. Any cheaper options for basepads

    You would be better off buying 1 or 2 good named base pads than 3 cheap ones or aftermarket mags. I still think Glock makes the best Glock mags. Buy 1 Taran, Dawson, or whatever now and get another next month.
  5. G17 Open troubles

    or Winchester CCI primers are harder than most others I always ran a Jager or Zev lightened striker in my Glocks with Win primers and don't ever remember having light strikes.
  6. Spinta is sending a shipping label and will replace the bolt, so great service there. looking around the web, this doesn't seem to be an uncommon problem with 9mm ar bolts, so I think I'm going to get some screws to keep on hand and minimize down time. The broken pieces of screw came right out of the bolt body using a scribe to rotate them. There was no thread locker, so no problem removing them.
  7. I sent them an email, so will standby. Don't know what they may have changed as it was only a week old.
  8. One of the big issues with rimfire scopes and his lack of elevation. One good one that doesn't break the bank is the super sniper which has something like 150 minutes of elevation or 30ish mills of adjustment.
  9. Sheared off the gas key screws on a Spinta bolt tonight. Anyone else had to replace them? Is there a best option or just buy some alloy screws at hardware store?
  10. SBR, yes. The 16" gun I just tested today, no. I tried with comp on and off and really could not tell any difference. Then again I need to work on tuning the buffer system as well.
  11. Making a comp perm

    Guessing you are using an MBX comp? Only thing I could see doing is drill the comp and barrel and insert an aluminum pin. Then find a local weld shop to put a dab of weld over the hole. Better check, but I'm thinking pin/weld requirements don't specify pin material. You could use a steel pin if sunk below surface and they could get a puddle on top of it.
  12. Stippling really wouldn't do much for it. Wouldn't hurt, but not for what I'm talking about. The outer shell is plastic, kinda like a factory Savage stock. The barrel channel is huge to the point of being goofy looking, but that's just my opinion. I filled the butt end of mine with bondo to help balance it out since it was so front heavy. They are 100% functional, so if that's all you can find go for it.
  13. They are heavy and solid, but clunky and cheap feeling. The stock is made of plastic and the butt stock is hollow. I have had a couple of the varmint models, but would never buy another one. They are functional, but Bell & Carlson is a much nicer product at similar cost. I'm sure your choices are limited with a left handed rifle, but I would keep looking.
  14. +1 on the Radians diy ear plugs. They are very comfortable for all day at the range, but I still run muffs over them for shooting rifles and Open pistols.