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  1. Promoting Practical Shooting Locally

    I think step 1 would be for USPSA to fix their broken websight club finder. I click on Virginia and it gives me a club in NC and Maryland. Type VA, in the search box and I get a "No results found" They would be better off just posting a list by state. If you click on a map and start zooming out it starts working although One Va club is listed as being in WY. Pretty sure Fredericksburg still shoots. Was hoping maybe some new clubs sprang up closer to me.
  2. Carry Optics Accelerator Cut

    See I was gonna say something snarky along the lines of instead of sending pictures of your gun send pictures of how many logos are on your shirt. Looks like I wasnt really that far off.
  3. Racker Side

    No love for the Bomar cut racker that puts ears on both sides ? Like a Many M16 charging handle. Was what I was planning on for my pin gun
  4. This,,, Although,, Price being no option ? In my STI loaded to 1.180, 180gr Jacketed, Hornady HAPS were ungodly accurate.. what I shot at Nationals. Got a good deal on a case, really liked them then price went through the roof. Run coated cast now
  5. Carry Optics forum

    I agree
  6. Order not received

    yeh just call em,, something messed up,, they will figure out what happened and fix it ASAP. This is a great company
  7. I did that for years. using tight group and WST under precision black bullets.. I loaded to 170 pf with 180's then simply swapped to a 155 grain bullet. I think I got around 145pf which was light enough, but strong enough to run my guns without having to change springs.
  8. WST in 45. Extreme spread

    yeh my target 4.5 grs pf WST under a 200 gr rnwc, barely cycled my LWT CDR. with a 20lb recoil and 18lb mainspring. Gun is set up for black bear defense,, heavy heavy hard cast
  9. Fault Lines and being exposed to targets

    IDPA is retarded,, shoot it like the MD says in the walk through and just have fun with it. The rules are meaningless and a jumbled mess. You will live a happier life
  10. just got my OSP 9mm

    got one club 45 minutes from me they shoot IDPA and bowling pins.. I basically quit shooting because nearest USPSA was a 5 hour round trip,,, thinking of getting ito it again but havent decided on direction. IDPA, Pins, USPSA CO or mounted.. ( horse and blanks shooting at balloons) Hey speaking of that we need a Mounted shooting area
  11. just got my OSP 9mm

    What kinda guide rod and what length ? GI standard or some size of full length ? Far as length. the 5.25 with lightened slide and the 4.5 are same weight. That tells me there is more moving mass with the 4.5 and less with the 5.25. Also the longer barrel will make power factor with less powder,,, So all in all the longer gun should recoil less. Granted,, is that "Less" gonna amount to more than a bean,, ? not even a hill, just one bean ? probably not. IDPA just came out with a direct copy of USPSA CO rules,, so really strongly considering this platform in 45... as capacity not an issue.
  12. Carver scope mounts

  13. Carver scope mounts

    So what do we think of these. Think I wanna build a Pin gun... not sure on platform, these mounts bolt to the rails many guns have and allow for digfferent dots. Dont want to deal with sending gun out for machining. Was thinking on some kinda plastic fantastic in 45 with a rail and threaded barrel I could just screw a comp on
  14. Shoot It or Pull It?

    not worth the time and trouble to get the bullet puller, would just get chucked in the trash bin
  15. Rules, Rulings, Clarifications & Opinions?

    How many logos on their shirt ? Seems to be directly proportional to the likely hood of contrary to the rulebook interpretations.