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  1. KG GunKote?

    I have it on two Tanfo Limited pistols and I am not impressed with the stuff. I do draw out of a DOH holster and the finish shows it in no time. On the most recent tanfo it is coming off in chuncks on the slide.
  2. Thanks Henning and Rich. Pair of Limited 40's

    Thanks Guys.One has around 9k through it and has always been good to go with Stonewall bullets. I wanted to get a 2nd one for a spare so it was also done up by Rich at Canyon Creek. I will check load data this week on the duo. Just a side note. You will not find a better Tanfo smith than Rich. He has always done a jam up job for me and as we all know Henning is the go to guy for Tanfo parts. Both are great to deal with and care about what they sell.
  3. Henning guide rods Henning front FO'S Henning pins Henning grips One factory and one Henning magwell Henning 10.75 springs EGW hammer and sears 9 Henning 140mm mags Canyon Creek did the Trigger jobs, Slide cuts and refinish on the blasters Bear Coat did the finish on the basepads and grips
  4. Does any one know how to remove Ionbond from some mag tubes ?
  5. cheap case feeder for 650

    Oh yea forgot to mention .........Hope it jams.....................and breaks ...................then when you really need some parts Dillon tells you to get.............
  6. cheap case feeder for 650

    Great now Dillon should call you so they can charge you since you lied to them .
  7. TommyGuns Precision Gun Works Pics

    Jeff's Single Stack .45
  8. Tommy Guns Built buy Jeff Abernathy
  9. New Anorexia 6in Tommy Guns Style

    cd0306, Yours is the first on I saw when you and your son were down at Lake Lure . I knew then I had to have one .....
  10. Well Here it is . Started out as a box of parts and ended up a work of art. Started with a call to a guy named Jeff Abernathy . Some of you may have known his father Tommy Abernathy . I told Jeff I wanted A 6in gun and asked him how he did his builds. He told me I build them anyway you want it and he was right . He asked me if I had seen one of his or his Dads 6in builds . I had seen both and liked the way they did the Briley comp bushing . Jeff told me to get the parts I wanted in the build ( Him and Tommy had some favorite parts they like to use for the trigger group I see why now ) and come buy and we will sit down and go through the specs on the cuts , sights, safetys, trigger, finish , etc . So we got this build with all the specs and parts ready to go . I leave all the parts with him and every week I get a call giving me an update and asking if I had anythig I wanted to change ( slide cuts , sights , etc ) before he started making chips on the mill . Then I get the call its ready to shoot if you want to come by and check it out and make sure there is nothing you want to change before it goes to hard chrome . I wanted to take it home then and hit with some rattle can paint. It was a awsome job but I resisted . A week later he called a said its ready to go. So here it is . As you can see the apple did not fall far from the tree . Same quality and great customer service as his father Tommy Abernathy put into this world.............
  11. Fixed Sights on STI

    Just wanted to get some ideas of what brands of fixed sights people use for USPSA stuff on a STI hicap . Pictures would be great if you have them . Thanks for the help
  12. new s_i grip

    First class Just got mine back . I did a small write up along with some pics in the glock forum .
  13. Get'n Grip = Awesome Work

    Well called up Get,n Grip last Thur. and talked to a man named Jim Hart who is the owner . We talked for a good while about what I wanted and what he can do on a grip enhancements . I made up my mind which is not to often and sent him my grip on Fri. Then I started wondering what I was going to get back was it going to be done right like I wanted it or I get what I get . Come Mon. I got a call from Jim Himself saying I just got your grip and wanted to make sure we are on the same page still (he knows me to good all ready ) . He went over his notes and he was right on the money . Then he tells me well I am starting on it right now I will have it to you say by Fri. . Thur pops up and I get me a grip on a glock when the box shows up a day early . Open it up and this thing is Awesome in every way first class on quality nice clean outline all the way around , the medium texture I asked for on the grip , the velvet texture under the trigger guard , and the pad for my weak hand thumb. I would highly recommend his services to any one who has a glock , sti , or whatever you own you wanted stippled . Almost forgot he called today and wanted to know if it made it back in time and if I was happy with his services . Now that my friends is what I call customer service . Which is getting hard to find any more and its not like he was building me a gun or anything . Look him up you will be glad you did . JP www.getngrip.com
  14. Who will roll size brass?

    The rounds that will not chamber are all less than 1.200 . I will call the pistolsmith that built it on Mon . Glocks sure were easy to load for and make run . Thanks for all the help.
  15. Who will roll size brass?

    What kind of resizing die are you using Sir? I'm having the same problem resizing 40 brass. And looking for a nice die that will work. Thanks! I am using a egw u die and a fcd . The problem I am having is sometimes the pistol will not fully chamber a round . When I eject the round I can see where the bullet has hit at the end of the chamber (scuffs the molly ) . This does not happen every round but once is to much for me . I have tried 180 masterblasters and 185 precision with oal of 1.175 and 1.135.