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  1. Do I need a new gun?

    I guess you would have to ask yourself a few questions~ Do you plan on staying in Production? If you do then you could consider Glock 17 or 34, XD 9 or M&P 9. They are the most common as far as I'v seen. If you think you might want to play in a couple divisions maybe production and limited you could go with a Glock 22 or 35 or a XDm 40. When you shoot production load to minor and when you shoot limited load to major and toss a mag well on. My only other 2cents if the purchase of a new gun would put to big of a dent in your budget where you can't shoot a lot skip the new gun and get more rounds down range with the gun you have now. Good luck and welcome to the best sport on the planet
  2. New guy checking in

    Your starting out in the right place. There is a wealth of info one these forums, it always my first and last stop when I have a reloading issue or shooting question. If ya have a question chances are it's been talked about b4 so you can do a search but if you don't get your problems solved there are people here who can point ya in the right direction. It's been a huge help for me Good luck and welcome to the forum Aaron
  3. I started shooting with the Glock 6 years ago then after a few years went to STI's. Just this year I got a Glock 34 and was going to shoot production but to be honest I have had a really hard time getting used to the trigger in the Glock. I'm sure if I was going to make the switch and shoot the Clock 100% of the time I'd get used to it. Maybe you are more adaptable than I am. But I am finding it very hard to go back and forth. If I had the choice I'd stick to the same platform for all 3 Divisions. Good luck in whichever you decide.
  4. Which division do you find the most fun?

    I started shooting production then switched back and fourth between lim 10 and production after dressing up my Glock a little. then got a STI and stayed in lim 10 for awhile then switched back and fourth between lim 10 and limited last year. For this year I got another Glock 34 so I will shoot production and limited.
  5. M&P: Accurate Enough (with Factory Ammo)?

    Here's my .02 I'v had 3 friends who have had the M&P. It's a very comfortable gun to shoot but all 3 have tried tons of different ammo both reloads and factory and they just can't get a decent grouping. One guy returned his to S&W they put a new barrel in it and it came back a little better but not much. Another guy tried a after market barrel and it was a bit better as well. both guns are still no tighter than 4" at 25yds. The third friend just said screw it and sold it. All three had the 9mm. I'v heard the .40 is better but I don't have first hand on that. My vote is go Glock. good luck in which ever you choose
  6. How do we catch the GM's?

    WOW what a great thread. I too am in the large B class pool and have made it my goal to see A class this year. I have been putting a plan together of how to make that happen and this thread was the right thing at the right time. In the 3 or 4 years I'v been a member of this forum this has been the most inspiring thread I'v seen......THANKS!!!!!
  7. The cost of loading 9mm compared to .40 . You can get so many more 9mm bullets for the same price. So it makes scene to keep the STI in the safe and take out the production gun.
  8. I was wondering if any one else is in my shoes? As I'm planning my shooting season for 2010 I came to the conclusion that I might have to shoot Production this year. My shooting budget has been cut in a drastic way and the only way I see shooting as much as I would like is to shoot production. Which at first didn't bother me at all. Now as the time gets closer the thought of leaving my STI in the safe makes me a bit sad. Has anyone else had to make the same decision? Did it bother you at all? Did it get better once you started to practice?
  9. 6" 2011 Limited Guns

    Here are my 2 6"
  10. WHAT 147GR BULLET?

    I'v always had great luck with Montana gold. They have been in stock every time I'v ordered them and they ship fast.
  11. 6" 2011 Limited Guns

    Welcome to the club. Nice blaster
  12. Should I go production or single stack?

    Not to throw to big of a wrench in but you could shoot lim10.
  13. I need to find mag pouches

    take a look at speed comp they might take up less space
  14. Man shoots lawnmower

    From time to time my state embarrasses me.
  15. Got my slide lightened

    Shot it today and it feels a little lighter but I think it could be lighter still. I'm just not shure were to take the weight from.