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  1. Carry Ops>Limited?

    In some people’s minds it is 😀
  2. If Finished perceived AD, is it a DQ??

    Why not just make sure a 110%the pistol is unloaded? That seems like the best way after all it is not a race to IFULASC and ICHDH and it doesn’t add to your hit factor.
  3. fully seated Federal primers

    Sounds like you send the cylinder to Bosshoss😉
  4. fully seated Federal primers

    I agree don’t do it at the match but the night before in your hotel room. If it fits the night before it will work the next day at the match. A supply of 75 TK Custom moon clips also helps as no reloading is done during the match 😁
  5. fully seated Federal primers

    I just use the cylinder of my revolver with the rounds already in the moon clips.
  6. Leading problem with PPC loads?

    Use coated, plated or fmj.
  7. Slip 2000 just soak for about 5 to 10 minutes and wipe down. Make sure you put a light coat of oil when done.
  8. Casting for IPSC/USPSA

    Round nose is the only way to go with moon clips for the fastest reload.
  9. Dry Fire a 617?

    Just use empty 22 shell casings
  10. Casting for IPSC/USPSA

    Look at Lyman from Midway 160 grain RN you can order 2 or 4 cavity
  11. Looking for a cleaner powder to try in my 929

    That sounds like good news I will be on the lookout. Thanks
  12. Looking for a cleaner powder to try in my 929

    Do they make N330 anymore? I was told to use N340 in place of N330. I have looked for N330 for quite awhile and never could find any.
  13. Rules and the 627 V comp

    I do not know who made this for him or if he made it himself as he was always tinkering. I am sure if you asked around someone could make one. Looks like a little welding of a small bar to the original cylinder release and then machine it to what you see or to what you like.
  14. Rules and the 627 V comp

    Granted this was on a friend of mines revolver and I personally never used it only played with it. Compared to the stock release it did feel faster and for weak hand reloads it was definitely an advantage. It could be made different lengths to suit each ones need.
  15. Rules and the 627 V comp

    I found them