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  1. Definition/Description of "Bagged"

    What about Velcro?
  2. Extended firing pin

    Cylinder and Slide pins have a tendency to break and .495 is plenty long.
  3. Great match this weekend, fun and challenging stages. As always John, Pam and the crew put on a good match. Looking forward to next year for the 20th RMR should be a blast. I will be working on weak hand and plate racks for next year. It was a short go around on the man on man shoot-off on Sunday and had to ship ammo back to Iowa. Dean Gomez LKS16
  4. Looking for grip

    Find you a set of big butt add epoxy here and there refinish and bam a custom set of grips with all the things that you like and custom fitted to your hand. I have done that to a few grips and know some others who have done it. It works well.
  5. Looking for grip

    Looks like Hogue big butt maybe custom by Hogue. Looks like you could make a beaver tail out of epoxy and shape to your liking on a set of big butts.
  6. LPA rear sights

    Wrong sight
  7. Just a thought on the cleaning process. When storing the revolver not a bad idea with the oil patches in the cylinder. But when shooting dry patches and no oil in the cylinder. Could be the oil residue as it heats up is keeping some of the powder residue. Just a thought
  8. I don't know if I mentioned this early or if you have done this already but have the cylinder reamed. This is one step in the process that can really throw you for a loop when you are having this problem. TK Custom does excellent work and fast turn around time.
  9. another 929

    I have gotten my moon clips back but never have had moon lips. LOL ?
  10. USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    Yes as I shoot open in ICORE and then I use the same revolver and am forced to shoot open in USPSA. I have managed to actually get a B classification in open. But it would be nice to be able to actually shoot against other open revolvers in USPSA. I voted yes.
  11. Moon Clips

    I used one before and maybe it was a little more tolerant than my revolver. The clip went in the checker just fine but did not go in my revolver. That is when I just started using my cylinder only. If it goes in once it should go in later at the match. It only happened a couple of times but at a match that hurts.
  12. Moon Clips

    Meter is off. Just easier for me and another way to do it. Also less things to take to matches I fly to.
  13. Moon Clips

    Knock your lights out doing that. I do it at home or in the hotel the night before and I am talking checking my moon clips not adding to the spank bank. If you have enough clips loaded to get you through the match no need to check at the match. Let me know how that works out for you handling ammo at the safe area. ?
  14. Moon Clips

    Just check them in the cylinder of your revolver. If they go in they will go in at a match.
  15. Holster questions - rule 5.4

    When is the last time rule was used? Like ?