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  1. replace M&P sights -- DIY or gunsmith?

    I've had to use a steel punch and pretty significant whacks to get sights off some M&P's. Some are harder than other. Even with the steel punch the stock sights were still usable if I really wanted to keep them but I usually toss them in the trash anyway.
  2. Muzzle break for TikkaT3x CTR 6.5 Creedmoor

    That's correct. A .30 cal will work but the 6.5/.264 would be best.
  3. Muzzle break for TikkaT3x CTR 6.5 Creedmoor

    The APA Little Bastard is probably the most popular in the PRS community. The 417 hellfire is very popular as well. I've used both on PRS guns. Easy to install and take off for cleaning and very effective.
  4. Invictus Practical R12Q vs 12Q?

    The R12Q and the 2.8's are possible to dual load with but the shells are definitely closer together than a dedicated load 2 set up.
  5. Invictus Practical R12Q vs 12Q?

    The R12Q has a square frame that secures all the shell holders. The 12Q is just cross bars that are attached to the main piece that's attached to your belt. I had a 12Q it wasn't a big fan because each cross bar moved around if I wasn't careful taking the shells out. I wound up in the bottom of my bag and rarely got used. I recently got the kit to convert my 12Q into the R12Q and now I love it. I would highly recommend the R12Q. I mainly use two 2.8 caddies but add the R12Q when there's a high shotgun round count stage. As far as purchase, I bought it all from them directly and didn't have any problems.
  6. STI DVC Open vs H.O.S.T. weights

    If you're not going to compete, I don't see much use for a gun designed 100% for a particular type of competition. Especially if you're not going to be reloading anytime soon. If you want to shoot suppressed or have a gun that is more versatile, I'd go with the host. All depends on what you want to do with it.
  7. Tooth and Nail Ultimate 3gun package

    Ok, between a KL-12 and a Tooth and Nail package, which one and why? The KL-12 is substantially more but is it really that much better, if at all?
  8. I'm interested in trying this package with the upgraded receiver. Does anyone have any experience with it? I searched the forum and found a thread that was about a year old and was wondering if there were any updates.
  9. Precision Rifle Series

    I do. A few others around here do too.
  10. Vague long range question

    A good bipod and rear bag. Maybe a few different sized bags based on the angle you're shooting and to use if shooting off barricades. Not sure what the class covers but a good tripod and hog saddle (or similar) is worth it's weight in gold. A sling you can use to load into the tripod makes it better. Always support the gun as much as possible. Front support is almost mandatory. If you have the front supported, take a second to see if you can support the back. Example, you're knee (reverse kneeling), a tripod leg, a large rear bag or pack, etc. taking a couple seconds to build a stable position is always better than rushing the shot. Oh, and keep your shoulders square to the target for better recoil management. There's a lot to learn but that should get you started.
  11. Carry Optics - 10 round limit abolished from 2/1/17

    I just did the same thing. I have a new open gun I'm waiting to pick up because it sounded more fun than CO at the time. I like the sound of this change though since I carry a gun with an RMR every day with more than 10 rounds in it. Looks like I have two divisions to have fun with now.
  12. STI 2011 for Duty Use (police)

    I carried a STI Marauder on duty for a short time. I went to it after being tired of single stack magazines. The gun was great but the magazines were an issue. They are not near as finicky as some say. However, continuously dropping them on concrete ranges and being stepped on in shoot houses took its toll. Depending on how and where you train is going to be a factor. My competition 2011's have no issues since all the matches are on dirt or grass and they typically don't get stepped on. My fix was an M&P with a Apex FSS trigger and RMR for duty (the magazines can take a beating) and an open 2011 for matches. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  13. Wife thinking about shooting USPSA

    I'd have a look at the M&P as well.
  14. Manny Bragg Holster Retention

    Got it. Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure it was normal.
  15. Manny Bragg Holster Retention

    Just received a new Manny Bragg "futuristic" holster for my Glock. It's full of screws and bolts but most seem to just be holding the holster together. It holds the gun fine with the lock on. However, turning the lock of there is zero retention other than gravity holding it in. It won't fall out forward due to the pieces on the bottom holding the rail on the frame, but it takes absolutely no effort at all to remove it upward. Seems like a there should be something to get slight retention even when unlocked. I previously used Ghost holsters with SVI guns in the past and there was far better retention when it was unlocked. I almost scared to walk with this holster. The holster did not come with any instructions, anyone have an idea or is this just how it is?