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  1. Will check out the 650, for sure. seems like that's where a lot of people end up when they start this journey. Use it as a single-stage until comfortable as a progressive and can always sell for good $ if doesn't work out for me. Lee dies?
  2. Lots of good info, thanks. I think for my price and experience level I'm looking at a 550 or a LNL. Seems like there's a lot of opinions on these two out there. Sounds like Camaro vs Mustang.I'll have to take a look in person this weekend. If anyone wants to throw a strong opinion in here, please feel free but, yes, I realize there are already a lot of posts out there about this.Thanks again!
  3. Favorite aggressive grips for CZ?

    I have Scales for my LimPro that I love but I just got some LOK's to try on my Shadow. I'll report back...
  4. Anyone have a recommended factory ammo to start with? Yes, I know a lot has to do with my internals but I'm looking for a good starting point. I always liked Federal 147 and had luck with AA 147 (more expensive). Just curious because it will be a little while before I start loading my own. Thanks!
  5. Coupons

    +1 on that. They took care of that for me - and when I had a problem registering they promptly emailed me and we fixed it. Good operation.
  6. I agree with needing a support group. I'll post a photo of mine so it can see its siblings.
  7. Love mine and was just wondering if there were a lot of people on this forum running one as well. (But don't let my Shadow custom hear - she gets jealous.)
  8. Am I OK in Production (and function) with using the regular Shadow safety on my left side (for support) and the thin on the rhs? Or do they both have to be one way or another? Pardon me if this is a newbie question but this is one I want to make sure of before I start fitting of parts. Thanks
  9. Paleo works for me

    Much to the continuous chagrin of my wife and daughter, I decided to try eating paleo last summer. Lost 25-30 lbs (175-180 down to low 150s) to a stable fit weight. No big swings in energy or hunger. PITA sometimes, but overall, get to eat plenty and I can always go off for special occasions. Thought it was a silly idea when I started, but I figured it was worth a shot. Just thought I'd throw that out there for those of you who are looking for a way to avoid energy swings and drop a few. Basically, according to a BMI calculator, i went from overweight to normal and I just stay at this weight without trying.
  10. Customer Service Testimony

    I had some CZ newbie questions on parts and emailed CZ Customs. Stuart got right back to me and over a few more emails guided me to get what I needed. And parts came right away. Great customer service. Thanks Stuart. I'm glad I own a CZ Custom.
  11. Lyman Electric Trigger guage

    I'm glad I came across this. I was getting paranoid about my results and never thought the gauge might be off. Took your advice and used some weights to check it. Dead on. Great tip.
  12. I think they'll have a flush fit mag, too. And, yes, it's just a joke. (All images copyright Walther Arms...) (All Photoshop, for better or worse, mine.)
  13. Thanks again for all the info. I'm sure many of you are right that in the future I'll want to work on some other calibers but right now and for the near future, its 9mm that I really want to be able to control the making of. I don't want to underbuy, of course, but I'm not averse to buying one to learn on and then sell to get into my next one. As for mechanical aptitude and space, that's not a problem. A lot of great info here, as I expected, and plenty to check out, which is why I like this forum so much. Hoping to go see some in the flesh (or metal) this weekend to get a better feel for the models you're talking about.
  14. Pre-Match Diet

    Personally, I eat paleo. Lost weight and get to eat bacon. But from years of marathons and triathlons, the best advice is the same I heard today again on PP: Stay hydrated and don't drastically change your regimen. Also, sleep. Many times for many people its getting enough sleep the night before the night before the event that helps. Sounds weird but enough sleep can never hurt. And stay hydrated. Again.