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  1. Range Bag

    Good to know Chuck. Had I known that before I bought one I would have checked yours out. I might grab another bag soon to have separate bags for my limited and open guns. If I do I’ll try one of yours.
  2. JerkeeJoe's Progress Tracker

    Shot a super Classifier match yesterday morning. Shot master on 2 of the stages and A on the other 2 stages. With the average, I anticipate my class will be A. Definitely agree there needs to be focused practice focusing more this week on target transitions.
  3. Glock 170mm extensions

    Wow, SJC is incredibly proud of those mags!!! TF looking to be the best option so far.
  4. Glock 170mm extensions

    I’m having an Open Glock custom built and need some 170mm mag extensions. The only ones I’ve found so far are the Taylor Freelance ones. They look nice enough, but I want to know if there are any others available.
  5. 9Major build is done!

    Damn. Really nicely done!
  6. G34 carry optics which base pads and mags

    I have both Dawson and Springer for different guns and prefer the springer ones because Springer will engrave your name and a magazine number on the bottoms of the bases for a few extra bucks. That said, the Dawsons have performed perfectly as well.
  7. How to tune ejection pattern?

    Tag for later.
  8. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    Well, I still haven't inletted for the thumbrest screw, but have shot the gun a bunch, including a match last night. I'm not seeing any problems at all yet. Leaning toward not drilling the frame.
  9. 1 eye open or 2 eyes open

    I've always been taught to shoot both eyes open shooting pistol, and even though I'm cross eye dominant have never had a problem shooting this way. Howev er, I shot a match last night that had very poor lighting and found that it was nearly impossible for me to pick up the front sight clearly with both eyes open in the poor lighting. I ended up shooting the entire match with my right eye closed. Anyone else had a similar experience in low light?
  10. JerkeeJoe's Progress Tracker

    Steel match last night. Shot pretty well, but struggled a little bit seeing the front sight in the very poor lighting at the range. The match was at Nellis AFB and the lighting was gas generated floods well behind the firing lines. Overall not a bad match for me. Finished second pistol and 4th overall out of 37 shooters. Had 3 stupid malfunctions that were my own fault. Probably cost me a few seconds, which took me from first pistol to second (and second overall to fourth). I'm enjoying shooting matches more each time and look forward to the next one. In the meantime, I'm going to work on transitions and on making sure I'm seeing my front sight clearly before breaking each shot.
  11. Length of timer delay for training

    Like others, I use a random delay of 1-4 seconds with the timer on my belt. No problems getting to start position.
  12. Transition between targets. Dryfire.

    I tried emphasizing the lower body movement transitions when I was at the range yesterday and found initially that it slowed me down. After trying some different things I realized that my usual way of transitioning was a combination of upper body swinging and lower body driving that was more efficient and effective for me. Like anything else, I think we all need to find what works best for us, and for me it is a combination of the two techniques.
  13. Don’t take new equipment to a match

    For the record, just confirmed zero with new sights at range before I go to match tonight. Trying to follow my own advice.
  14. Sigting in Handgun from Bench?

    Just got done at the range. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip!
  15. Don’t take new equipment to a match

    And to prove that I haven't learned my lesson, I changed out the sights on my limited gun the other day and will be shooting it in a match tonight. I'm going to at least go to the range to confirm zero and make adjustments before the match though.