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  1. Sunglasses and red dots

    Just ordered the Prizm Daily polarized replacement lenses for my Oakley frames from amazon; Was $88 yesterday when I ordered, today is $95; go figure; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WVHC1DO
  2. I've been trying to get hold of the 'evil hand' thumb rest, but no luck yet. Web site says not store is not accepting payments. I really like the evil hand rest over the others I've found.
  3. Yes I have a comp. Can anyone confirm a big difference in WWB powder ? I'll try some perfecta as I want the gun to shoot as flat as possible;
  4. C-More Thoughts

    16 MOA dots !!!! Is that a typo??
  5. New Holland, PA https://www.benstoeger.com/take-a-class/
  6. Confirmation I made the right decision for sure !
  7. Just signed up for a 2 day class in PA. Looks like it will be very beneficial. Anyone else taking or has taken Ben's PRACTICAL SHOOTING FUNDAMENTALS class ?
  8. Jake & Others; Thank you for the insightful and useful replies.
  9. C-More Thoughts

    I've got a c-more on my STI Steel open gun. Came with it. I like it. I have noticed or at least it appears to me that my zero is sometimes off. Maybe 1.5" at 36 feet. I have a heck of a time getting it back on bullseye; Seems like one or 2 mags all is good and then for no reason next one is off. Screws are all tight and identified w/nail polish if they turn. One thing I'm curious about is if there is any issue in mounting the c-more horizontally. I changed to a horizontal mount for better ejection clearance. One guy was telling me that the plastic c-mores won't work well mounted horizontally and that I need an aluminum one. Seems like urban myth to me.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion on improving weak hand grip; Frankly, no I'm not doing a push-pull grip. I did some reading on it tonight and will try and implement it a bit. I plan on adding a thumb rest to help get a good bite on the gun as well.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to get my dvc steel to shoot flatter and improve shot to shot speed. I'm a relatively new shooter. Here is a short video of me shooting dvc steel 115gr speer lawman plated ammo. Little more rise than I'd like. Not sure if I am gripping tight enough. I'm a left handed shooter to boot. take a look and let me know if you see anything obvious.
  12. Interesting point on the plating vs jacketed. The differences as you describe seem small. I'd much prefer to shoot the plated, but it was very obvious the difference in muzzle flip. Perhaps the powder on the WWB just seems to work the comp better.
  13. So I tried some back to back tests. I had switched to speer lawman 115gr TMJ in my STI 9mm minor steel to avoid lead in the comp. I noticed that it seemed like the gun had more muzzle flip, so just for kicks I did some back to back with typical winchester white box. The WWB had noticeably less muzzle flip. Can someone help me understand what might be the reason. Here are the specs: WWB 115; FMJ; velocity 1190 Speer Lawman: 115; TMJ; velocity 1200;
  14. Sunglasses and red dots

    Which color Oakley Prism lenses did you get ? There appear to be several; thx