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    The problem is the reticle. The CMR is simply illuminated for low light shooting. The Firedot series of reticles in the VX-6 are daylight bright.
  2. Just like the carry optics discussion, this won't be a popular option with the open shooters. I like Kurts reply very much.
  3. Good PCC compensator 1/2x28?

    How old......and how fat.....? Lol
  4. Not crazy at all. We use such scoring at our matches. Its supposedly to even things out for the guys shooting 308/45. But theres literally nobody shooting major at our 3-gun matches. For us it would be easy to adopt Major scoring for all Tac-optic shooters and score minor with a CO pistol. And I'm not saying its the answer, but were I the match director it would be worth a try to see if it works. I may just discuss this with our match director next time I see him.
  5. Im not sure limiting magazines to 10 rounds would be fair to anyone needing or wanting to shoot a carry optic pistol in 3-gun. If theres such a perceived disparity between a CO pistol and a limited pistol, perhaps a compromise could be made in the definition of a carry optic pistol. Such as, designating slide mounted optics on striker fired pistols only, everybody knows 2011's are a big advantage over Glocks, M&P's etc. LOL. Or perhaps an adjustment to scoring. All Cary optics, regardless of caliber score minor, etc. Theres several ways to allow it fairly. It just will take people with an open mind to come up with a reasonable solution.
  6. Its funny that most of those declaring "Just shoot open" are themselves open shooters. Looking thru the results from the last few months at our club it seems open is a dying division. Or at least a struggling one. Perhaps its a more emotional response than practical. PCC and CO is growing rapidly in popularity. Something will change in the game with respect to CO, its just a matter of time. It doesn't need to be another division, nor does it need to be "Just shoot open". I still feel Tac-Optics is the best place for it. A minor rules adjustment is all that would be required. The only thing that needs to be "Open" is our minds.
  7. Let's see some pcc's

    Just finished this project. Functioned 100% and very accurate. Used an old mil-spec trigger, but plan on something nicer in the near future. The big surprise for me was how much I like the SIG Romeo 5X. If it holds up over time it will be a winner. I tried a mild "Battle worn" finish to the ceracoat. It actually looks better in person than in the pictures. Drilled out an old Miculek comp I had. Overall it balances and shoots remarkably well. After reading all the posts about weight, recoil, sight movement etc, I was expecting the worst. It is remarkably smooth and flat shooting as is. I will probably play around with the bolt/buffer a little just to try to tune it a little. Probably for no other reason than curiosity.
  8. Good PCC compensator 1/2x28?

    Or get a Miculek and drill it out. Thats what I did. Works beautifully .
  9. m3000 recoil pad

    Kick-EEZ For $60.00 MOA precision will send you one ground to fit your stock. Mine is great. Fit perfect.
  10. Left side charger

    Thats not entirely true. At least with the NFA. The 9mm side charger does not use a special cam pin. Only their AR15 and AR10 side chargers do. The 9mm version will work with almost any bolt for 9mm. Im not familiar with how the Gibbz works.
  11. Charging handle failure pics

    I would guess its the 6061 version (the oversized latch didn't help either). I have seen this before with them. I have not personally witnessed this with a 7075 Mil-spec charge handle.
  12. Ruger PC Carbine

    Me too. But priced higher than a Kel-tec. At over $500.00 Im not remotely interested. $350.00 I might actually look at one. Remarkably, they will probably sell a boatload of them.
  13. Is non cannelure 55gr more Accurate?

    All things being equal, I think it makes no difference to accuracy. I believe a quality made bullet with good uniformity by a quality bullet maker will give you all the accuracy you could ask for regardless of a cannelure. A cheap poor quality bullet will give poor results with or without a cannelure.
  14. Bullets

    I have always found FMJ give me the best results both on the loading bench and on target. If you look closely RMR (Rocky mountain reloading) has prices that are as good or close enough for their FMJ offerings. My last order was for 4000 124gr FMJ 9mm and they were the same price as the cheapest plated 124 bullet I could find. Very pleased with their accuracy and customer service.
  15. I have tried 55gr, 60gr and 75gr (all Hornady) in my DD 1/7 and it likes them all, but the 75's were a little better than the others. The 55 and 60's were averaging 1" to 1/14" at 100yds and the 75gr consistantly hit 3/4".