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  1. Shoot It or Pull It?

    "When in doubt, throw it out". Every time.
  2. Race Holster Questions (Everglade)

    I sent a message to Everglades asking this same question on how to adjust the offset to get it within in the 2" required by USPSA Limited rules, and I got a response within 5 minutes (or even less!!!). Awesome! Here is the response after told him that I loosened the hex screw in the front of the holder: "You are doing that adjustment exactly the right way. It is just a tight fit for a reason. The screw only holds it in place and the friction of the holster body to the aluminum mount keeps it from rotating side to side. If it wasn’t a tight fit the holster would wobble and that would be no good. You can spray a little lube on there, but the easiest way to adjust it is with a soft face hammer. Just take the holster off the belt, remove the screw and position the back of that arm against a sturdy bench. Give the holster a tap to move it on that arm. Make sure you are using a non-marring hammer or something to protect the holster face from damage. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks." I did as instructed with a rubber hammer, and I had it adjusted correctly within a minute or so. Works GREAT now!
  3. I just got my first race holster from Everglades Ammunition ( http://www.evergladesammo.com/everglades-magnetic-race-holster.html ), and it seems very well-constructed and of very high quality. However, since this is my first race holster, I am learning the nuances of setting it up to my liking. I am still much faster with my Bladetech kydex holster and Stoeger's Boss DOH holder, but that should change with time (I certainly hope!). The offset seems too far out for my liking, or maybe it is just what I am used to. I have tried to figure out how to bring the mount in closer to my hip, but I have not been able to figure it out yet. There is a hex screw on the top that looks like it should be that adjustment point, but when removed, I can't get the mount to move. I will probably give them a call later today and get some advice, but thought I would ask here as well. I am having trouble getting the holster adjusted to my liking. The problem is that "my liking" is probably more a fact of "what I am used to" with my old Boss setup. Which may not be the optimal way to setup a race holster. I am trying to get it setup so that my hand drops to a natural draw position either from a surrender start position or a hands at side start position, but no matter how I tweak it, it just doesn't feel natural. I wonder if I am naturally trying to get it to match the feel of the Boss kydex setup that I am so used to and feel so natural??? Maybe that is not what I should be aiming for. One of the biggest differences seems to the the offset, which I mentioned initially. The gun seems much farther away from my body than the offset of the Stoeger Boss setup. I wonder if I should be working to getting used to the new feel, or continue to try and match what muscle memory tells me is right? Any specific tips on how to go about setting up a race holster, or how to possibly adjust the offset on the Everglades holster would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Resale Value - Factory 2011 vs. Custom?

    Thanks again everyone. I ended up buying a Triangle Shooting Sports (Bennie Hill) modified STI locally that had been gently used. Very nice gun, I love it, and as others have mentioned, I can probably sell it for about what I have into it if I keep it decent shape. I have upgraded a few parts, and have my local gunsmith taking a look at it next week (he is also going to install a new ambi safety, the original owner had his ground down to a tiny nub, and I hate it, plus he is going to pin the safety). I replaced the grip with the Extreme Shooters grip and Dawson magwell. The gunsmith will add and Ed Brown ambi safety and Ed Brown grip safety (and pin it):
  5. 2011 Fitted vs. Drop-In parts

    Thanks ZZT. He is going to be doing some tune up work anyway, checking it out from top to bottom, adding a thumb rest, etc., so I might as well let him do the rest of it as well. I just thought I would check to see what I can do on my own, partly out of impatience (he can't fit it into his schedule for another month or so), and partly to learn how to do some these things myself. I appreciate your comments.
  6. I am just about to purchase a used 2011, and I have a few mods that I want to make, and I was wondering how many of these parts are "drop-in" vs. those that need to be fitted by a gunsmith, or if easy enough, by me. This is my first 2011, although I have 1911's, I never done any modifications to them. Here are the list of items I am considering adding/upgrading: Wilson Combat Ambi Bullet Proof Safety (the current owner filed the current safety down to a nub, which is his preference. I tend to ride the safety a bit with my strong hand) EGW? Stainless Steel Grip Safety (This is going to be pinned anyway by my smith, so I should probably let him install this, but would like to know if they are drop-in anyway) SV Trigger bow (I prefer a flat trigger) New grip and magwell (any filing or fitting required?) Thanks for any advice here. Greatly appreciated!
  7. I bought the Isolation buds, I have sets of TX-100s, T-400's and T-600's. I think the 600's fit the Walkers.
  8. De-priming upside down primers

    It is NEVER worth the danger to mess around with live primers. I used to punch them out, but I gave up on that a long time ago. Dispose of them properly as-is and move on. What is the cost of one piece of brass and one primer compared to the long-term effects of an injury? Even if the odds are low, not worth it in my book. Even if it is 10 or 20 of them, I would toss them. "When in doubt, throw them out."
  9. Quarterly Forum Hosting Donations

    I just sent in a donation via PayPal, thank you for hosting such a great site. QUESTION: on the donation page, it says: "Please remember to complete your donation in your member / account settings." However, when I go to that section, I do not see that option and I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Resale Value - Factory 2011 vs. Custom?

    Yeah, you got me going over here. Thanks!
  11. I just ordered some of the Walker's Silencer electronic ear buds during a Black Friday sale at Midway, and I was not expecting too much in the way of isolation, but I am so sick of wearing muffs when it is hot out, plus they press on my eye pro frames and are so uncomfortable against the side of my head, I am willing to try anything! I replaced the foam inserts with a set of Comply Tips that I started using about a year ago in my music ear buds and my blue tooth headset, etc. They are really awesome, very comfortable and tight sealing. You have to get the right type and the right size in order for them to work well, just a heads up, and they are NOT CHEAP, but they are worth it. I have 2-3 different versions to fit different types of devices, and I was lucky that one of them fit the Walker Silencer ear buds. I took them out for the first time earlier this week to test them at an outdoor range, and I was prepared to add my ear muffs on top of them if needed, but I have to say that they sealed really well, and I was VERY surprised at the attenuation. The Walker's Silencers plus the Comply tips seemed to be a pretty decent combination in my initial testing. We will have to spend some more time with them before rendering a final verdict however... As a note, I am VERY, VERY careful with my hearing, and I normally "double bag" my ears (foam plugs + ear muffs).
  12. Resale Value - Factory 2011 vs. Custom?

    Great responses so far, greatly appreciated. I think looking for a used 2011 is probably a good investment and a smart way to go. I am going to wait until after Christmas as my wife gets grouchy when I spend money on myself in December, plus I get my yearly bonus in mid-January. In the mean time, I will keep searching the classifieds...
  13. New to reloading, suggestions for bullets?

    I have standardized on the Rocky Mountain Reloading 124gr. MPR JHPs (MPR = "Multi-Purpose Rounds", they are really just jacketed hollow points). I like them because they are jacketed rather than plated and because RMR is so great to deal with. They always have free shipping, and I usually get my bullets within 2 days after ordering. If you sign up to their mailing list, they usually send out 5 -10% specials all the time. Best customer service from any of the companies I have dealt with. I also use Xtreme plated for a few choices, and I love the Bayou plated SWC's that I have been working with for my .45. Good stuff! I have also used Berry's in the past without issues, but have not ordered from them in a long time.
  14. I am looking to be a nice 2011 Limited gun for the 2018 season in .40 S&W, and have considered either a factory-made gun like an STI or having a custom gun made by a local gunsmith that has a great reputation in my area. I have seen his guns, and they are just amazing. Without getting into whether an STI is a quality gun or not, how would these two types of guns compare for resale value? The reason I ask is because I built a "custom" AR-15 Frankengun a few years ago with all top-shelf components that is just AWESOME, but its resale value is nothing compared to a high end factory gun like a Daniels Defense, even though I probably spent more making the Frankengun. Thanks in advance for any input!
  15. Yep, this is what I have been using as well, but the gel cups get pretty hot and sweaty in the summer, and the pressure against my head from my eye protection sucks as well. I have some of the Decibullz custom molded plugs (supposedly rated at NRR 31, but I am not sure I believe that). They work well, but I don't feel confident enough in them yet to use then without muffs over them.