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  1. open cost

    Almost 9 bucks for us Canadians. It's brutal. I switched both of open guns to 9 major and couldn't be happier. Also, cfe is less than half the cost per round from the 3n38 loads I was using in supercomp.
  2. Czechmate failure to return to battery

    Extractor clean?
  3. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    It's more like a thousand bucks for 4k SC brass up here (Ontario). That kind of forced my hand.
  4. Sleep?

    I don't know, I've never considered that as a possible cause. On a regular working day though, I don't think I'm drinking as much as that.
  5. Sleep?

    I'm a chronic insomniac. Have been most of my life but it does get worse, or just harder to deal with as I get older. Left to my own devices the best I can manage is micro-sleep for only a few seconds at a time. So I have a prescription that mostly works unless I'm super-amped up and then I won't even notice it. Strategies for me if I know it's going to be a crappy night: Accept it. No point worrying about it now. Now it's too late. Try to eat well and clean and not to late. Rest for a while if you can't sleep. Take your mind somewhere, she a problem, anything to not think about sleeping Gravol
  6. 38SC to 9mm major help

    So the complete solution for both guns: A little more polish in both chambers. Aftecs both with new springs. Some slight magazine feed lip adjustments to assist feeding. Shorten ejectors to. 250". Primary issue was the chamber. Everything is hunky-dory now in both guns.
  7. 38SC to 9mm major help

    No I don't know those values. All I know is that it was headspaced and the chamber polished. I'll email him and ask about it though.
  8. 38SC to 9mm major help

    No, it was done by the guy who fitted the barrel for me.
  9. 38SC to 9mm major help

    Yes, headspaced and chamber reamed and polished. Boiling it all down I think I will shorten the round down to 1.165" and see if I can sweet-spot the extractor. As noted before, both of these guns ran perfectly in .38 SC with Aftecs and I've got no problem tuning those or any other extractor. Seems the feed problem may be related to 9mm case rim and groove dimensional variances, but I definitely do not want to get into having to sort brass by headstamp. If i have to do that I might as well go back to Super. It's very weird.
  10. 38SC to 9mm major help

    It's not hanging on the ramp; it's stopping just before going into battery. Round is under the extractor and cammed all the way up.
  11. 38SC to 9mm major help

    Interesting, so the way this conversation is going it looks like my next move is to shorten the loads down a bit and slightly de-tune the Aftec. Much appreciate all the feedback.
  12. 38SC to 9mm major help

    New barrels, AET's. Sure hope I don't have to replace those. Will look for the Atlas stuff. Aftecs are new with new springs. EGW extractors have been fitted and polished per usual protocols for 9mm extractors.
  13. 38SC to 9mm major help

    That sounds pretty nice. No issues on ejection? I've wondered about loading shorter but the gun ran beautifully in 38SC @ 1.235" and of course I was aiming for a longer oal to keep pressures down. You would think the shorter round would make the breakover too steep but.....perhaps the tapered case changes the geometry enough. I notice a lot of folks here are loading to 1.65" or 1.70" I guess maybe I should eliminate that as a variable.
  14. 38SC to 9mm major help

    Good morning all: I have recently made the decision to switch to 9mm major from .38 Supercomp. I simply cannot handle the cost of the brass or the headache of sourcing it anymore in Canada and while I have been reticent to make the change, everything I'm reading on-line (mostly here) seems to indicate that the magic ju ju has been worked out now so it's safe to proceed. However, I'm having issues that are stumping me and could use some assistance from the enos hive-mind. I really want get this sorted out before the major match season really gets underway so I can focus on shooting and not on equipment. Tried searching but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. I have recently converted both of my Open guns to 9mm major and I am having trouble getting them dialed in to run correctly. In primary gun the issue is inconsistent extraction/ejection. I end up with an empty in the chamber and a double feed, only intermittently. Most brass ejects about two feet to the right with some just falling out of the gun. Primary gun: 5.5" Sheuman hybrid barrel with no ports, 3 port comp, I've tried Aftec and EGW extractors so far, SVI 140 and 170 mags. RTS2 on DoubleTap mount. 8lb standard Wolf recoil spring and 17lb mainspring. 170's caused the most failures at last match and the do sit higher than the 140's. They were bringing the top round in the stack and the mag feed lip into contact with the ejector. This has since been clearanced for top round and mag clearance but the problem persists. Backup gun is set up the same way but in addition to extraction and ejection failures I'm also getting stoppages when going into battery. Last .25" it will stop. All rounds have been chamber checked and roll sized. All punk in both barrels no problem. Load is: 8.0 gr. HS6 125 gr. Zero 1.175" oal 170 power factor 9maj2.rv
  15. STI Trubor

    Stock parts will last just fine. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them. Sub-2 lb pull is no problem on stock sti fire control parts.