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  1. 2011 custom build from scratch: what parts to get?

    I`m german IPSC-shooter and very happy with 2 guns(Open) of Hans Peter Schäfer.They are reliable and very accurate!Visit his homepage:www.hps-guns.de In my experiance I would give him a call.There is only SVI-guns ahead of his guns! Best regards Dr.Heinz Gallenbach
  2. Bayou bullets in an open gun.

    Startingpoint for N350: I use N350 since 2014.My matchLoad: 7.85gr of N350,124gr coated bullet,RWS-leadless primer,31,50mm OAL,tapercrimp.Made pf 165 at German Nationals!Use at your own risque! Best regards Heinz
  3. Which 38sc barrel and comp is best?

    Hi from Germany, I too got a barrel from Nowlin in my LES BAER 1996-Open.It was upgrated by a great gunsmith to:5 inch barrel,4,5 slide and HPS-Comp.My IPSC-load for EUROPE-shot in Portugal was 9.6 gr. 3N38 and was chronogr. with Faktor of 172 -32 Degree Celsius! In Germany I shoot N350 with Faktor of 165.Bullet 123gr. LOS under 7.8 gr. N350 and Geco leadless Primer,OAL 31.50 mm.The load is verry reliable and accurade!The LOS-bullets are equal to Montana Gold. Hope that helps! Merry Christmas Heinz
  4. Two questions on reloads

    Hello Ester, I forgot to mention that you have to remove the magbutton to the right side-I,m shooting Sphinx Production and to remove the button is no problem,because Sphinx and CZ are verry simalar.But you must practice a lot! Hope that helps Heinz
  5. Two questions on reloads

    Hello Ester, I suppose to use your triggerfinger to push to magbutton!You will never get D.Q. for unsave gunhandling! Best regards from Germany Heinz