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  1. Who is the Tanfo go to gunsmith?

    This is no lie. It takes a few hours of watching MemphisMechanic and reading the Forum and you can become our own gunsmith. This really is the way to go, as you may need to make adjustments to your trigger if you ever decide to change ammo types (factory vs reloads) and if you do it yourself, your good to go. Plus it is actually fun, in a weird, frustrating way..
  2. Tanfoglio quality

    Is there a suggested set of replacements you should make after a certain # or rounds?
  3. Reader turned contributer

    I forgot I said that, must be habit. You catching that made my day
  4. Reader turned contributer

    A programmer? I'm curious how you came to that conclusion? And yes, I am a programmer lol. I currently work in a parallel field but I am still one at heart. I'm sure we will end up running into each other at a USPSA match around here.
  5. Reader turned contributer

    Got a few but recently got bitten by the Tanfo bug. Got a great trade for a Tanfoglio Stock 2. Been very happy with it so far.
  6. Factory Production Ammo

    Anyone have experience or feedback on Leadheadammo.us? It was recommended by someone who shoots it, just can't much else on it.
  7. Reader turned contributer

    Just saying "Hello world". I've enjoyed learning from you all and so I decided it was time I start to contribute. Relatively new to competition shooting and this forum has fuel the addiction / help educate me.