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  1. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    Yea I am the same way with eye but they promised me Valium for the procedure. If it wasn't for my job and me not being able to do contacts I wouldn't do it. my vision isnt the worse and they were talking about getting me 20/15 vision lol idk if that will help anymore then normal vision
  2. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    So I am getting ready to make the plunge with the 1050. Just have to pay for lasik coming up in a month then ill make the purchase. With the adjustable primer seating will this be a problem with mixed 9mm brass?
  3. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    I'm not going to lie i kinda forgot about the turret lol. Where would the best place to buy a Dillon or are they pretty much the same price everywhere?
  4. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    I was originally thinking that plus is the swag station worth it seems like a wasted space if loading 9mm no?
  5. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    So then would it be worth it to get the 550 for brass processing and loading 308? Also what would the price difference be with all the conversions, it seems like there would be a huge price difference going the 1050 route. How long does it usually take you to change out calibers?
  6. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    Would the 1050 be a little to much, I would be able to load a years worth of ammo in a day lol. Also is the one year warranty a problem? What would the cost be for common parts needing to be relpaced? as for 308 Probably 200 rounds a month to begin and slowly increasing from there.
  7. So I have caught the bug and my current setup (lee turret) is not keeping up with my current round count. I am currently shooting ~2,000 9mm a month and I will be shooting about the same in 5.56 come October. Ill also be getting a 308 rifle by December. So my question is what would be the most efficient setup? Unlimited overtime has opened up at work so I'll be able to make a ton of extra fun spending money. I was thinking getting a 650 and 550 using the 650 for 9mm/5.56 and then use the 550 for 5.56 case prep and then loading 308. Would this be a smart Idea? Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  8. Help Creating Training Routine

    seems to be the knelling portion of the 25yrd or the head shot. usually in one of those or the occasional flyer from not concentration. Also the qualification zones are 9x11 and 5x3 for the head zone
  9. Hey guys I'm looking for some help making a training routine that is a little different then our standard dry firing programs. As of right now I'm using Stoegers dry fire book for my local match training but need some more help with my work qualifying course (located at the end of post). The scoring is 2 pts per shot with 100 points total. right now I'm shooting around 90/100 average and want to change that to 100/100. I currently dry fire 7x a week and live fire once a week at my work about 200 rounds split between 25rds, SHO, WHO, and then varying distance. As of right now I am a all over the place with my training and want to tighten it up and focus on drills that will help with my qualification. I'm going to start adding live fire 2x a week 500 rounds each one day rifle(rifle qualification as well) and the other pistol training along with still dry firing 7x a week. Right now I'm thinking of doing the qualification 4x and then speed,transition, and accuracy drills for the rest of the rounds. So What drills and training schedule would you guys recommend for me to obtain these goals? I am open to all ideas. Also with this influx of shooting I think I'm going to have to upgrade my lee turret to a 650xl to keep up with my shooting, so any input on if a 650 would be a good choice as well would be appreciated. Thank you guys for all and any help! Qualification zone is 9x11 and 5x3 for the head zone Stage Distance Fire Time Description 1 25 Yrds. 14 40 Sec. Fire 7 standing, reload, and fire 7 kneeling 2 15 Yrds. 12 9 Sec. Fire 6 9 Sec. Fire 6 3 10 Yrds. 10 4 Sec. Fire 3 11 Sec. Fire 3, reload, and fire 4 4 7 Yrds. 4 2 Sec. Fire 1 to the head, repeat three times 5 5 Yrds. 10 12 Sec. Fire 5 strong hand, reload, and fire 5 from the support hand
  10. I did my first match this past Sunday using my duty gear and I was times were about the same as everyone in my squad. I'm just going to keep using my duty gear untill i start going to larger matches where ill have to use a different setup to stay legal.
  11. Advice For First Match

    Here is the breakdown idk if there was an easier way to do this lol # % Stg Points pts HF Time Class Categories PF A B C D M NPM NS Stage 1 El Strong & 21 43.15 51.7774 103 2.3878 34.76 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 17 2 4 0 1 0 1 Stage 2 Big Barricad 38 26.07 18.2459 59 2.0646 18.89 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 10 2 1 0 1 0 1 Stage 3 Fluffy's Rev 33 49.18 19.6731 40 5.4496 7.34 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 Stage 4 Steely Speed 28 53.16 15.9494 30 3.7975 7.9 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 Stage 5 Both Sides N 31 30.04 27.0317 70 1.9598 20.41 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 11 0 5 0 2 0 1 Stage 6 Tight Squeez 18 51.48 30.8894 60 4.3988 13.64 Limited X ["Law Enforcement"] MINOR 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 Web Report
  12. Advice For First Match

    Quick update I shot 24/58 overall and 4/23 in my division. I think I did okay for my first event like this. When i figure out how to post practiscore on here and get my videos all uploaded I will post back.
  13. Advice For First Match

    Thanks for all the advice I have most of my gear all together. planning on dry firing and cleaning everything spotless tonight. I talked a friend into coming to spectate since he doesn't want to shoot, so ill have him video me so I can see what needs work. My goal for tomorrow is just not to be DQ with a secondary goal of not being last lol. Looking forward to having fun, meeting people, and getting my feet wet. I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow.
  14. Advice For First Match

    Thanks for the clarification, it is an all classifier so it will be shooting from a box so moving will be limited. I'm going to be using my work gear so there will be no type a speed holstering with my level 3 lol
  15. Advice For First Match

    Thanks for the advice Ill make sure I have everything ready and be helping set up the stages between shooters. The only camera I have would be a go pro but that dosnt seem like it will capture enough to catch any mistakes I make. I know that finger in the trigger guard is the biggest thing so for clarification the only time my finger should be on trigger is while the sights are on target? what about during the draw can I start prepping the trigger while I'm presenting to the target?