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  1. Shooting Stands

    Thanks, I have read all the rules 3 times now. Interesting enough today I put another black belt in karate to the same test. Had him do the same turn and draw and he did the same thing. Turned to a 45 degree stand and fired. Not a 180 turn, that is to slow and a waste of motion.
  2. IDPA Membership

    I'm new myself to Idpa shooting. This morning I just joined the NRA and will join Idpa next month. My feeling is if you can't support your sport and can't afford a lousy $40.00 a year membership to do it maybe you can't afford this sport then. Nothing in life is free. I spend more than that in ammo at the range just shooting paper targets. There was a typo I joined the NRA not the NBA, I wish. LOL
  3. Shooting Stands

    Thanks, I like it myself. Very easy to shoot.
  4. Shooting Stands

    Yes you are correct, a lot of muscle memory and instinct. My biggest worry is gun flip. Having done some SD training, when not shooting you point the gun up so as not shoot someone else. Not down range. Going to have to fight that impulse. I'll be shooting a CZ PCR, my EDC.
  5. Shooting Stands

    Thanks Jim, I'm no spring chicken myself at 65. But still in good shape. It just make sense to me than having to swing all the way around and replant both feet.
  6. Shooting Stands

    I will be shooting my first IDPA match next month. I have watched several match videos to practice for the various stages. Now I have a question since this is supposed to be based on a real life situation. One stage you face away from the target and turn and draw. To turn both feet 180 degrees takes time. In real life I would turn to be in a 45 degree stand, like a weaver stand. I'm a martial artist so by years of training I would not put my body full front to my opponent. And it is much faster than swinging all the way around. My question is, is that legal or do you have to be full front to the target?