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  1. 1911 commander accuracy vs grip

    Good timing, thanks for the reply Stealsack. I've been trying to pay close attention on my heeling. I shot it yesterday and had a buddy load up some mags with random amounts. I was shooting while holding the slide stop down. Yeah, found out how much I'm actually flinching. I never really took into account the shorter cycle of the commander slide, had it in my head it was just a weight difference. What kind of dry fire practice do you recommend?
  2. 1911 commander accuracy vs grip

    Both my hands are idiots, ha. Good idea, I didn't think of that. I'll give it a shot next time. Maybe I'll use my left eye too...:)
  3. 1911 commander accuracy vs grip

    Hehehe. Great advice, thank you. I have run several types of ammo, including my go-to 200gr swc 4.2 bullseye load. I've had a couple of other 1911 owners shoot it as well, most with similar results. Just checking to see if there is something I may be able to improve. Yes, the right way is never easy is it. I bet I end up taking it to a smith, there is a bit of vertical slop at the hood.
  4. Hello from Utah.

    Thanks very much gents!
  5. Hey guys, hopefully this is the right spot. Looking for a bit of help with my grip on my para elite commander .45. This is my 2nd 1911, first one was a 5" para chambered in .45. I put somewhere around 2500 rounds through my 5" and I thought I had a firm idea on how to shoot it well. I ended up selling the govt. and bought the commander. I feel as if I am gripping the commander the same as I did the govt, but my targets and poi say otherwise. My average groups went from 3-4" at 25 yards with the govt. to 6" or bigger at 9 yards with commander, and the center of the group is about 6" low. The only thing that seems to help is a loose grip, a way loose grip. Then the group tightens and poi raises. But the sights dont track and it doesnt feel natural. It seems to contradict everything I have read and experienced with grip. I seem to shoot plenty of other auto pistols fine. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Hello from Utah.

    Hey guys, been a fan of the great info around here, should've joined earlier. Looking forward to more great tips and advice. I'm 32, been shooting and reloading pistols and rifles for about 10 years (probably all the wrong way) could certainly use all the help I can get. Thanks!