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  1. Do you know where I can get a reduced trigger bar spring?

    I can't help you, but only speculate that the market should be flooded soon with reduced power springs. I mean why not? It's a stupid spring. I'm wondering if the hold-up is simply this current safety issue. Once the public-trust is restored the accessory market will open. Just my opinion
  2. CZ Custom BULL Shadow Review!

    I had a CTS a couple years ago, and asked CZ Custom about adding a bull barrel. They said no. They were worried about the CZ slide being too thin in places. At 2017 SHOT Angus said they decided to make their own slide to hold a bull barrel. So I guess this is a "CTS-like" slide and bull barrel. Angus also mentioned that they'd be working on their own frame next. I want one, but I'm spoiled by the checkering on my Shadow 2. If they offer this slide/barrel combo on a Shadow 2 frame . . . I AM IN!!!!!
  3. Shadow 2 w/ DPM Systems guide rod?

    Okay, okay. I get it. Skip the guide rod. I guess I just thought if I was removing the buffer, I should replace it with something else. I will run the gun without buffers and be happy. I've been shooting my CZ-75B SA without any recoil management and it hasn't self-destructed. While I understand the buffers are very durable, I don't like the idea that they will wear eventually. I'll put the extra $90 towards magazines Thanks team!
  4. Shadow 2 w/ DPM Systems guide rod?

    Anyone have one of these? Looking for something to replace the plastic buffers. I don't see the Shadow 2 listed specifically on their website. I'm hoping it is this one; https://dpmsystems.us/products/cz-75-sp-01-shadow-shadow-line-tactical-phantom-cz-ts-orange-9mm
  5. She's in the oven now...

    Ass kickin!!!!
  6. Shadow 2 vs Tanfo Stock 3?

    Awesome! Thank you for the comparison. If I understand you right, the S2 feels a bit smaller than the S3. That's what I was hoping for. My S3 is too big for me.
  7. Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Any think the safety on their TSO is too stiff? I'm talking about the effort it takes to rotate it? The force required to rotate mine is about as high as the force to click into the detents. I wish it was smoother and lighter between the detents. Anyone ever improve this with polishing? If so, where? Thanks
  8. How about just a smaller-framed gun? If you want steel, a CZ-75 with thin aluminum grips and an SA trigger is much smaller than a Stock III. Or how about a single-stack 9mm 1911?
  9. Shadow 2 vs Tanfo Stock 3?

    No one ever talks about whether their Tanfoglio is the large frame or the small frame. Is this just assumed? I've never held a small frame version, and I'd be curious to know if there is a big difference. Below is that video, but the guy sounds foreign and is using the metric system. Doesn't that mean he's from a country that can get the small frame version? So which one is in the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0fcZ1-ZJ3c&t=5s
  10. Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Who is replacing the plastic trigger? Anything metal out there yet?
  11. Shadow 2

    Yes! This helps a ton! Thank you very much!
  12. Shadow 2

    So I called CZ-USA today and spoke with a sales rep and their gunsmith. I was looking for as much information as I could gather about the dimensional differences in the grip area between the Shadow 2 and the TS Orange. I can't decide which one I want, but I just sold my Tanfoglio Stock III because the grip area it was a bit too big, even with thin aluminum grips. Both the sales rep and the gunsmith agreed that even though the Shadow 2 takes the smaller CZ-75 magazines, the grip has significantly more girth. In fact, both agreed that even after holding the Shadow 2 and the TS Orange, they wouldn't be able to declare that the Shadow 2 was smaller than the TS Orange. So now I'm nervous. The original CZ-75 frame is perfect for me, but I really, really want checkering (no grip tape). I'm concerned that buying the Shadow 2 will feel like the Stock III which I don't like. I know some say the Stock III and the Shadow 2 are close cousins, but I also know that we can only get the large frame version of the Stock III. I would have assumed people would be more correctly comparing the Shadow 2 to the small frame Stock III. Now I'm not so sure. Anyone have any insight that can help me?
  13. Sorry man. I always bet on black . . .
  14. Any have both a TS Orange and a Witness Elite?

    So can you elaborate on the feel of the Stock III with your TS Orange? Also, the Stock III will feel like a completely different gun with the thin aluminum grips. Did you ever try those? In short, do you think the TS Orange feels any "smaller" than the Stock III? That is really my question Thank you